2013 New York International Auto Show Wrap Up: The Best and Worst in Show

2013 New York International Auto Show Preview
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Well, the New York International Auto Show is wrapping up and all of the big unveilings are completed. This year’s show initially looked like it was going to be fairly boring, but a few surprise reveals by Chevy, Subaru and Jaguar really added some excitement. Yeah, we know; it is weird for Chevy to be able to keep any model under wraps, let alone one as big as the return of the Z/28.

We also saw the reveals that we all expected to see, like the new Jaguar XK, the 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport, the 2014 Scion tC, the Audi S3 and A3, and so much more. Overall, we would call this show a success, but it was not without its relative duds – doesn’t every show have a few.

Now that everything’s in the books, we are prepared to bring you our complete wrap up of the 2013 New York International Auto Show that shows you what we loved at the show, what disappointed us and what we were planning to see, but never arrived.

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Top-5 Favorite Models}1}

2013 Subaru WRX Concept

2013 Subaru WRX Concept High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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The WRX has become rather long in the tooth and the recent updates have left a lot to be desired. Well, when Subaru decided to separate the Impreza and WRX platforms, we knew something big was in the works. Well, at the 2013 NYIAS, Subaru gave us a taste of its plans, as it unveiled the all-new WRX concept – sans the Impreza name. This new concept is sleek, sexy and makes us want to order one before it’s ever even confirmed for production. On top of the sexy body, it also features an all-new turbocharged engine that Subaru hasn’t announced yet. We expect this new four-banger to push somewhere around 300 horsepower to all four wheels.

2013 Shelby Raptor

2013 Shelby Raptor High Resolution Exterior
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The SVT Raptor from Ford is a bad-ass piece of machinery, but it lacks coverage because not many tuners have modified it yet. Well, Shelby – the famous Ford tuner – took the SVT Raptor and upped its output to 575 ponies and added in tons of off-road-capable goodies, like an “Off-Road” mode that makes the Raptor more stable in the dirt and mud at high speeds and optional rims with 35-inch all-terrain tires. There are many, many more optional features that you can check out in our review of it. The best thing about the entire package is its excellent base price of $17,995.

2014 SRT Viper TA

2014 SRT Viper TA High Resolution Exterior
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Seeing the Viper TA in New York was no big surprise, as we already knew it was coming and what it was going to offer. However, when one company takes a not-so-hot review from a magazine serious enough to build an entire car to compensate for the shortcomings that were address in said review, we stand up and take notice. The Viper TA carries the same 8.4-liter V-10 engine as the standard viper and punches out the same 640 ponies, but weight-lightening measures and chassis stiffening made it into a true track rocket.

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 High Resolution Exterior
- image 499372

We’ve been saying it would happen since Chevy brought the Camaro back, and it finally did. The Z/28 has returned to the Camaro lineup and this is one bad Z. Fitted with an LS7 7-liter V-8 with an estimated 500 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque, this is sure to be the fastest Camaro, sans the ZL1, in a straight line. Plus, GM also made it insanely track capable with sticky Pirellis measuring 305/30R19, spool-valve dampers a 1.29-inch lower stance. This monster will hold a incredible 1.05 g on the skid pad (0.05 better than the ZL1 Camaro.

Simply incredible!

2014 Jaguar XKR-S GT

2014 Jaguar XKR-S GT High Resolution Exterior
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Jag’s famed “R” brand turned 25 this year, and it released a special edition of the XKR-S, dubbed the XKR-S GT. The first think you’ll notice is the extreme body kit on this tourer, which helps it produce a massive 320 pounds of downforce. In the engine bay, you see a 5.0-liter all-aluminum supercharged V-8 powerplant with 550 horses and 501 pound-feet of twist making their way to the rear wheels. This sprints the GT to 60 mph in only 3.9 seconds and to a limited top speed of 186 mph. Where the XKR-S GT makes its money is under the skin, as it features a new suspension system that includes the Adaptive Dynamics damping system with an adjustable ride height, huge 20-inch alloys and big brakes on the front and rear. On top of all of that, you also get exclusivity of only 30 units in the world. Fantastic!

Top-5 Least Favorite Models

Kia Sportage Wonder Woman

2014 Kia Sportage Wonder Woman High Resolution Exterior
- image 499547

Okay folks, raise your hands if you are about tired of the Kia superhero thing… It was cool at first, as the mainstream ones were covered, like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, etc., but Wonder Woman? C’mon… With the relative unpopularity aside, this wasn’t even a well-done custom job. No offense to Kia and DC comics, but can we just let this thing die already. Oh, that’s right, we have one more to do… [sigh]

2013 Acura MDX

2014 - 2016 Acura MDX High Resolution Exterior
- image 499925

Look, we don’t have a problem with the new MDX, per se. Minus those goofy headlights, we actually think it is a sweet ride. However, we saw the prototype just two months ago in Detroit and now Acura rolls the production model out with only a handful of changes. Couldn’t they have simply spared the advertising expense, which adds to the car’s bottom dollar, by unveiling it only once in production form? In summary, we loved the car, but hated the silly steps Acura took to reveal it.

2014 Jeep Cherokee

2014 Jeep Cherokee High Resolution Exterior
- image 499460

Jeeps all have a specific look about them. No matter how many times they have changed over the years, they always retained certain element of ruggedness – even the Compass has a little bit. This new Cherokee stepped way out of the box and came from left field with its slit-like headlights, rounded grille and rounded lines. With the exception of the Trailhawk version, it looks like a bad direction for Jeep to head. We hope this is not going to influence future designs.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 499341

Don’t misunderstand us here; we love change and we understand that without change, we would still be using carburetors. However, some things are better left unchanged, like the Range Rover Sport. Sure, Land Rover could have spruced it up a little bit and made it a tad sleeker, but Land Rover buyers have become accustomed to that flat nose and burly look. Now it just looks like an overgrown Evoque.

2014 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 498557

The XV Crosstrek is likely the most boring Subaru model and the hybrid model is equally underwhelming. We love the fact that it gets better mpg and that it is a cleaner vehicle to drive, but we were hoping to maybe see Subaru use the hybrid system to add a little more pep to the XV’s step. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, as the hybrid variant only musters up 148 horsepower… No fun.

Most Missed Models

2014 BMW X5

2014 BMW X5 Exclusive Renderings
- image 428274

We really had a good grasp on what was coming to the auto show, but the jury was still out on whether the new BMW X5 would be in New York or not. Granted, we already know what it looks like, but we still don’t know the details on the revised SUV. And we are going to have to continue to wait, as it didn’t show up in the Big Apple either. It looks like LA or Frankfurt may be its debut show.We’ll see.

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