2013 Toyota Racing Development Interested in a Supercharged Scion FR-S

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At the 2012 SEMA Show, we got a look at a few Scion (Toyota) sponsored FR-S models featuring superchargers strapped to the tops of their 200-horsepower boxer engines. With that, we began wondering if Toyota was planning to add a supercharger to the FR-S mix and if this was a way to see how the FR-S would respond to it. Sure, Toyota played the denial game in terms of a turbocharged model, but nothing was ever said about a supercharger.

A new report from Car and Driver, following a sit down with TRD at SEMA, is showing that there is interest in adding a supercharger to the line of manufacturer-backed performance upgrades. While there is still no official confirmation, the pure fact that TRD would confirm that there is interest pretty much locks it in. Manufacturers will rarely offer up information on unconfirmed products, let alone let loose that there is an interest.

There, of course, are no specifications to release yet, as TRD is obviously still in R&D mode with this experiment. Given Toyota has to strap a warranty to this package; we wouldn’t expect to see much more than about 6 pounds of boost. While there are too many variables to be accurate on estimate output, this would likely equate out to a 60 to 70-horsepower gain from a supercharger on top of the Scion’s engine.

For now, we are simply speculating, but a 270-horsepower, supercharged FR-S sure does sound like load of fun to us! We’ll keep a very close eye on this situation and get you updates as soon as they come out.

  • 2013 Toyota Racing Development Interested in a Supercharged Scion FR-S
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Source: Car and Driver

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  (397) posted on 11.4.2012

The FR-S just doesn’t feel "quick" unless it’s routinely revved beyond 5,000 RPM. Do that and see what happens to fuel economy.

  (377) posted on 11.4.2012

Hopefully when you don’t need it it will cut out with a clutch for efficiency.

  (397) posted on 11.4.2012

Under 5k it is a smooth economy car. From 5k on the car is fast.

  (377) posted on 11.4.2012

Most superchargers have an effective range of 3 to 4k. It will need more fuel and air to make more power.

  (349) posted on 11.4.2012

I think Toyota will do a better job with the supercharger vs Subaru’s Turbo.

  (346) posted on 11.4.2012

I’d rather have a supercharger. In a sport car I need perfect control, not dyno numbers.

  (341) posted on 11.4.2012

I read that Subaru still has a BRZ Turbo in work, which would most likely be more powerful and more expensive than a FR-S with a TRD Supercharger.

  (119) posted on 11.2.2012

Why not turbocharge it? A supercharger doesn’t sound right on this car. With a proper turbo system they would probably be able to make more than 270 Hp.

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