Volkswagen’s biggest dream is to become the No. 1 car brand by 2018. And lets face it, the current generation Golf isn’t helping out that much. This is why the company decided to bring out the next one in 2013, one year earlier than initially planned.

With the next generation Polo looking quite awesome, the Golf VII will have to come with a styling that will differentiate it from the rest of the hatchbacks in Volkswagen’s lineup. The car will grow in dimensions to offer a better interior space and, according to Volkswagen, it will feature "higher-quality materials and some innovative features" translated into an eight-inch touch screen on top of the center console.

The next Golf will will share the new Modulare Querbaukasten (MBQ) architecture with the next Audi A3, also due out in 2013. Under the hood there will be the same turbocharged and direct-injected (TSI) gasoline four-cylinder engines, with displacement between 1.2 and 2 liter and a possible hybrid version.


Source: Car And Driver

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  (1211) posted on 05.9.2011

By 2018? That was such a long prediction. I am hoping that their team will make a timetable for less than 2-3 years after 2011. Volks always been creative on designing great cars.

  (858) posted on 09.23.2010

wow! a face lift to a face lift.. VW makes very creative cars, don’t you think? smiley

  (406) posted on 08.4.2010

This is gonna be like the SAW series of movies, every few months, a new one. Well, with the tendencies of HP purchasing power (ie. most of the world’s buyers), that strategy will be good enough for fleet owners, company car drivers, and car allowance drivers to get on every exchange interval...

  (815) posted on 05.27.2010

love it or leave it.. there are some like the new golf and some are hate it..

  (858) posted on 05.27.2010

Huh? what’s the problem with the looks? For me it looks fine and stunning.

  (544) posted on 05.26.2010

Yes, the scirocco’s designer is also the designer of new golf GTI. Well of course this can save some money, right?

  (331) posted on 05.25.2010

If the designer of the new golf is the same as the scirocco then there is no doubt that it would look almost the same.

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