Audi’s resident supercar, the R8, has spawned a lot of different variants from its home base in Ingolstadt, and according to a new report from Automobile Magazine, the German automaker is looking into building the lightest version of the R8 yet – and that includes the already svelte-looking R8 GT.

For now, this new model is being designated as the ‘R8 NF’ where it was presented by the brand through a number of teaser photos during a recent presentation held at its lightweight research and production plant in Neckersulm, Germany.

The images, which included a computer-generated rendering of the R8 NF’s passenger cell, features the abundant use of carbon fiber on the rear bulkhead between the seat backs and the engine compartment and B-pillars, as well as other lightweight materials on the future Audi supercar. Audi also showed a visual timeline of the company’s roll-out plan on the use of carbon fiber on some of its models with the R8 NF scheduled to hit somewhere around 2014.

At the same event, an R8 5.2 V10 prototype was pictured having a number of its body panels decked with carbon fiber, including both bumpers, the decklid, the roof, and the floor pans. While Audi kept mum on the car, it does look like this prototype could be related to the future ’R8 NF’.

While it seems a little early to be talking about a car that’s going to be launched in three years, Audi must think highly enough of the ‘R8 NF’ to bring it up this early in its design stage.

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  (395) posted on 05.18.2011

So what’s up with this one? The last time I saw theses cars, they are already on sale, so I am quite surprised that it isn’t all that expensive.

  (21) posted on 03.25.2011

With technology changing every moment, we may well see a highly improved specs of this 2014 version of R8 NF. I think this is too early to discuss on this one.

  (446) posted on 03.9.2011

It’s a good thing actually that they had released this one early. At least now, we won’t be boggled much as to what the R8 NF is going to look like.

  (453) posted on 03.7.2011

Well, the 2014 R8 NF is certainly looking good for me. But I really hope that they can still improve on this one within the two years before its unveiling in 2013.

  (532) posted on 03.4.2011

Now this one is rather interesting. Maybe they’re trying to get enthusiasts excited. But since 2014 is still a full three years away, it is likely that there will still be changes to the final look of the R* NF.

  (399) posted on 02.28.2011

It’s pretty obvious. Reducing weight is a good but a full carbon fiber body is very costly, it may increase its price by $40k

  (402) posted on 02.28.2011

am i correct? this is the hybrid version right? but the interior looks good. Hope to read
more on about the latest on this production.

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