Just the other day, Land Rover tossed us a bone by revealing a teaser image and video of its revised Range Rover Sport. Well, now someone at Land Rover has apparently decided to toss us the entire chicken by posting images of the 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport completely camouflage free.

When we saw the teaser image, we noted that the new headlights looked very similar to the Evoque and the larger Range Rover. If these leaked images are, in fact, of the 2014 Land Rover Sport, then our suspicion on the redesigned headlights is correct. What we couldn’t see in those teaser images was just how significant the redesign would be, but these leaked images show us that the redesign is extreme.

Front to rear, the Range Rover Sport is completely different. Gone is the flat front and rear ends, leaving a much sportier-looking SUV. In fact, these images look almost like the LR2, Range Rover and Evoque all had their DNA mixed up to make the ultimate hybrid.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to find out if these images are real or not, as the new Range Rover Sport will be unveiled on March 26th.


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  (548) posted on 04.12.2013

I am sorry I could not see any major exterior changes compared to the previous models. But I hope there are definitely a great upgrade and changes in the engine, interior or any components under the hood. Thanks for sharing the leaked images.

  (346) posted on 03.14.2013

I don’t remember the information about the engine and stuff like that...

  (349) posted on 03.14.2013

"all had their DNA mixed up to make the ultimate hybrid" - nice way to say it!!

  (397) posted on 03.14.2013

Looks more feminine now, in my opinion. I have to admit that I hoped for more watching the teaser.

  (341) posted on 03.14.2013

I knew it it look better! The headlights made me think about that and I was right!

  (377) posted on 03.14.2013

If they are real or not? Is possible not to be?!

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