Bentleys introduction to the SUV world will come in the form of the Falcon. Due next year, Bentleys new flagship model, will be designed by Luc Donckerwolke, who has worked for the Volkswagen group for many years now and was the designer behind the Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo. His style usually utilizes sharp, crisp lines designed to reflect light. “I like really sharp, defined surfaces. If it’s too voluptuous, it’s too sweet. You need spices.”Said Donckerwolke.

This is somewhat different to the usual Bentley design, which is about softer, more rounded edges. However, despite his love for sharper lines, the new Falcon SUV will stick closely to the Bentley design language while still being a new direction for the famed British brand. “We are adapting the DNA of the brand to a new topology of car, but it’s always good when you do something that the brand hasn’t done before.”

A larger issue that Donckerwolke faces is creating a car for both the Western and Eastern markets. The Chinese and Russians seem to like the EXP 9 F concept, in which the Falcon is based, quite a bit, however the Western markets seemed more opposed to it. So the design for this car has to meet somewhere in the middle for both markets. Donckerwolke claims this is a difficult task and says Bentley “can’t design for just one market. We are ambassadors of a culture, and we have to look like a Bentley.” Hopefully Donckerwolke is up to the task, as he will have some stiff competition from Maserati and Aston Martin, which are both developing their own SUVs.

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Why It Matters

As Bentleys upcoming flagship, the Falcon will pave a new way for the Bentley design language. So whatever design Donckerwolke comes up with, you will begin to see traces of it in the next Continental GT and Mulsanne. Also the design has to be good enough inside and out to warrant the probable price tag north of $300,000.

With most celebrities and Rich-Kids-Of-Instagram buying Range Rovers as often as they buy socks, the Falcon has to prove to be a much more worthy vehicle to steal those buyers away. If Bentley can pull this off, it will create a ton of extra income to create new radical designs and technology for upcoming vehicles.

Bentley Falcon

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