Although production of the 2015 Ford Mustang has yet to commence, the pony is attracting a great deal of attention as everyone, potential customers and enthusiasts alike, are champing at the bit waiting for final specs and pricing figures to come out. The wait shouldn’t last much longer, but if you already find it unbearable, we have some preliminary pricing and options information to keep you busy until the Ford spills the beans.

Specifically, some of the details the Blue Oval company has introduced in its dealer ordering system have surfaced on the Interwebz, via a batch of snapshots taken by a few willing folks. Pricing for the actual vehicle is not included, but don’t be disappointed, there’s plenty of stuff to chew on.

For instance, the leaked data comes to confirm that Ford will, once again, offer a pony slotted atop the Mustang GT for the 2015 model year. Although the documents do not reveal what sort of badge the vehicle will wear, its different body code suggests we’re in for more than just a polished GT.

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2015 Ford Mustang Options and Pricing Surface Online
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The model set to replace the current GT500 will also come with optional track and technology packages and even racing stripes, but pricing is not available yet.

2015 Ford Mustang Options and Pricing Surface Online
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We now know that the GT Performance Package will fetch $2,495, while the EcoBoost Performance Package for the 2.3-liter pony adds $1,995 to the yet unknown sticker price. Meanwhile, upgrading the ’Stang to a 50th Anniversary Edition suit will require an additional $1,595.

2015 Ford Mustang Options and Pricing Surface Online
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As far as the available six-speed automatic transmission is concerned, it is priced at $1,195 for both the EcoBoost the GT, as is the Adaptive Cruise Control option.

2015 Ford Mustang Options and Pricing Surface Online
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Leather-wrapped Recaro sports seats can be had for $1,595 on the GT, while the reverse parking assist option can be fitted on any trim level for $295.

2015 Ford Mustang Options and Pricing Surface Online
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Selecting larger, 20-inch, machined-aluminum wheels will ease customers of another $1,295. On the other hand, a set of 18-inch rollers will add only $155 to the price, while a spare wheel option will cost $195.

Why It Matters

With most of the options that are also available on the 2014 Mustang being priced in the same area for the redesigned model, it may very well be a sign that the 2015 pony will remain affordable. The V-6 is likely to start below the $24,000 mark, with the GT to fetch a bit less than $33,000 before options. The EcoBoost will sit between the two, in the high $20,000s.

2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang High Resolution Exterior
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With an independent suspension at the rear, more tech under the body and a fancy line-lock system that allows carefree burnouts to be performed, the 2015 Mustang is the most advanced pony car Ford has ever built.

The redesigned vehicle will see the return of the four-cylinder engine to the muscle car, this time in the shape of 305-horsepower EcoBoost unit slotted between the entry-level V-6 version and the V-8-powered GT model. What’s more, this is the first Mustang that will go global and hit several markets in Europe, Asia and Africa as well.

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