Chevrolet’s slow tease of the 2016 Camaro has been nearly agonizing, with just little tid-bits of information coming from The General. Well Chevy’s latest release confirms the sixth-generation car will get Magnetic Ride Control, a new Drive Mode Selector, and a dual-mode exhaust system attached to its 6.2-liter LT1 V-8.

As for the Magnetic Ride Control, the Camaro’s lead development engineer, Aaron Link, says, “We wanted to build on the flexibility of the current Camaro ZL1, which is great for grand touring, commuting, the drag strip and track days.” Link continues, saying the Camaro will be even more adaptable, coming with up to eight adjustable vehicle attributes to suit the driver’s changing preferences.

The new Drive Mode Selector will feature settings tailored to different weather and street environments. They include Snow/Ice, Tour, Sport, and Track. These settings will change throttle progression, steering, stability control, and the Magnetic Ride Control’s settings – tailoring each to best suit the current driving conditions.

Adding icing to the SS’ high-performance cake is the addition of Chevy’s dual-mode exhaust system. Chevy currently uses the system on the Corvette C7 and the Camaro ZL1 – and with good results. Both high-strung V-8s are quiet under modest throttle input and thundering under heavy acceleration. However, Chevy is taking the exhaust a step further, offering two driver-selectable modes. Now drivers can choose between “stealth” and “track” presets, customizing their exhaust regardless of throttle position.

Chevy will finally unveil the 2016 Camaro on Saturday, May 16 in Detroit. Be sure to check out TopSpeed for all the info as Chevy releases it.

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Why it matters

These additions are huge – not only for the SS, but for any Camaro slotted above the SS in the coming future. The SS’ Corvette-derived 6.2-liter LT1 V-8, along with the sixth-generation’s Alpha platform’s 200-pound diet, should make the standard V-8 car a hot performer. It might not beat the current ZL1, but it should certainly outrun and out-handle the current, fifth-gen SS.

With the bar now raised, it will be interesting to see what Chevy has up its sleeve for the next ZL1 or even the next Z/28. With the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R on the horizon, the competition is getting stiff and Chevy needs to ante up.

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Press Release

New technologies in the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro will enable drivers to tailor the car to the moment, whether it’s heading to work, touring the Pacific Coast Highway or lapping a road course.

“We wanted to build on the flexibility of the current Camaro ZL1, which is great for grand touring, commuting, the drag strip and track days,” said Aaron Link, Camaro lead development engineer. “The new Camaro will be even more adaptable, with up to eight vehicle attributes adjusted to fit a driver’s preference.”

As a result, the all-new Camaro will set the technological benchmark for the segment.

Most of the features can be changed via the new Drive Mode Selector, which includes Snow/Ice, Tour, Sport and – on SS models – Track settings. Calibrations for throttle progression, steering, stability control and more are optimized for each setting.

For the first time the Camaro SS will be available with Magnetic Ride Control, previously available only on the Camaro ZL1. The active damping system offers three preset programs – Tour, Sport and Track – that adjust the ride and handling balance. From there, it reads road and driver inputs at 1,000 times per second, and automatically adjusts the dampers for optimal performance.

Additionally, there is an enhanced dual-mode exhaust system. New electronically controlled valves can bypass the mufflers under spirited acceleration, delivering improved performance and greater sound levels. It also offers personalization options, from a “stealth” mode to a more aggressive “track” mode.

Chevrolet will introduce the all-new, 2016 Camaro on Saturday, May 16, during a special public event at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park.

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