Both the BMW 3 Series and the M3 have just received their facelifts for the 2016 model year, and, as many of you are aware, updates are far from significant. Aside from the new 3.0-liter, inline-six in the 340i model, which replaces the previous 335i, both cars are about new light clusters and slightly revised dashboards. As a result, it was expected prices would see only minor adjustments compared to 2015. Now, an ordering guide that has just hit the Interwebz via Bimmer Post confirms that pricing for the 2016 M3 has seen a modest increase.

According to the guide, customers looking to buy the facelifted M3 would have to pay $63,200 before options. That’s an increase of $1,200 over 2015. Also, bundles such as the Driver Assistance Plus, the Executive Package, and the Lighting Package would cost $1,700, $3,500, and $1,900, respectively. Also, the available double-clutch transmission retails for $2,900, while the Adaptive M suspension fetches $1,000.

Having received similar updates, the M4 coupe is also $1,200 more expensive than last year’s model, meaning it retails from $65,400 for 2016. Likewise, the 2016 M4 Convertible sports a $1,400 premium, taking the new sticker to $74,900.

Pricing for the milder 3 Series and 4 Series have yet to be announced, but BMW should spill the beans later this summer. Stay tuned for updates.

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Why it matters

While some might argue that the new M3 and M4 don’t have that many new features, it’s easy to see where the $1,200 premium goes. Sure, the center stack received only minor tweaks, but replacing a set of headlamps isn’t exactly cheap. The updated in-car tech also play a big role in this price hike.

2016 BMW M3

2016 BMW M3 High Resolution Exterior
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2015 BMW M4

2015 BMW M4 Coupe High Resolution Exterior
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Source: BimmerPost

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