• 2017 Audi S4 Testing At Nurburgring: Video

Audi’s S models are the middle children of the lineup, wedged between the mainstream A models and the full-on performance RS models. But since there’s never any guarantee that we’ll get the RS version of a given model in the U.S. (we don’t have the current generation of the 2013 Audi RS4 Avant, for example), S models are more important here than they are in Europe. So this footage of a heavily camouflaged 2017 Audi S4 testing at the Nurburgring is something you should pay attention to.

Even under the camo, it doesn’t look as though the car will be a major evolution in styling, more of a tweak. But the current B8 generation of the car has been around for a while and has been a strong seller, so apparently Audi doesn’t want to fix what isn’t broken. That said, we’re likely to see a few changes, particularly in the lights, which Audi seems obsessed with fine-tuning. And much like the styling, the engine will remain the same 3.0 TFSI, but tuned to produce a bit more power, likely around 350 horsepower, up from 333.

2017 Audi S4

2017 - 2018 Audi S4 Exterior Spyshots
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We obviously can’t see the interior of the car in the video, but we’d expect the changes there to be as evolutionary as those to the exterior and drivetrain, with much of that focusing on technology from pricier models trickling down. Of course, we’re talking about a 2017 model here, and there is time for some of this to change. Not likely that any of that will be too major, but you might notice some details change between the car in the video and the production model, wherever we see that.

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