• 2017 Ford Super Duty Offers Trailer Reverse Guidance

Seven cameras make trailer-backing a no-stress task

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The 2017 Super Duty’s optional Trailer Reverse Guidance system has enough cameras to make the NSA jealous. In total, seven wide-angle cameras cover the heavy-duty pickup and work both with Ford’s 360-degree parking system and its new trailer backing system. It’s all in an effort to make the Super Duty easier to use.

Ford is the first to offer such an extensive camera system from the factory on a heavy-duty truck. The automaker even has two pending U.S. patents on the technology. That isn’t stopping the competition, however, as Chevrolet just announced its dealer-installed camera system that works in much the same way. Though Chevy’s version isn’t offered from the factory, owners of 2014 or newer trucks can have the cameras installed.

The competition aside, Ford’s Trailer Reverse Guidance system works by using camera mounted under the rearview mirrors, on the tailgate, on the center high-mounted brake light, on the front grille, and a movable camera that attaches to the rear of the trailer.

The driver can switch between the views, or have a compiled overview shot of the truck. During a reversing maneuver, the two side-view cameras shift their view of the trailer as its angle changes, while the tailgate camera coaches the driver with guidance lines superimposed above the trailer tongue. Owners of Crew Cab Super Duties will appreciate the center high-mount brake light-mounted camera when hooking up a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer. The camera provides an unobstructed view of the bed. It’s also handy for keeping tabs on cargo.

The camera system also provides dynamic warnings if the trailer angle becomes too narrow, risking a jackknife situation. There’s even a steering wheel icon that indicates which direction to turn the wheel for reversing in a straight line.

Be sure to check out the video for a detailed look at Ford’s Trailer Reverse Guidance system in action.

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Why it matters

2017 Ford Super Duty Offers Trailer Reverse Guidance
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Backing a trailer isn’t the easiest task a driver can do, so any help is generally appreciated. These extra eyes around the truck not only make things easier, but safer as well. There’s less risk of damaging property or hurting bystanders. It also undoubtedly relieves stress when trying to back a trailer alone.

It’s nice to see automakers like Ford and Chevrolet address long-standing frustrations with towing trailers. I’d imagine Ram isn’t too far behind on its own camera system and the government not too far behind that making these systems mandatory.

2017 Ford Super Duty

2017 Ford Super Duty High Resolution Exterior
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Press Release

Ford, America’s truck leader, is giving heavy-duty truck customers more smart technology and better views to make backing up a trailer easier than ever.

2017 Ford Super Duty Offers Trailer Reverse Guidance
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All-new F-Series Super Duty offers innovative Trailer Reverse Guidance – an available technology that uses cameras to see more angles, monitor conditions surrounding the truck and provide real-time coaching guidance while maneuvering a trailer. Two patents on the first-of-its-kind trailering and camera system are pending.

Super Duty is the first Ford vehicle to offer up to seven cameras, three of which are used in Trailer Reverse Guidance. These cameras function as more than just digital rearview mirrors:

Tailgate camera tracks the motion of a conventional trailer to help coach drivers as they back up
Two side-view cameras shift the view of the trailer as its angle changes
First-ever factory-available customer-placed camera can be attached to the back of a trailer to improve visibility while backing up
Center high-mounted stop lamp camera provides visibility into the cargo box with a Ford-first dynamic guideline, especially useful for easier hook-up of gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailers

2017 Ford Super Duty Offers Trailer Reverse Guidance
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Trailer Reverse Guidance – one of 14 class-exclusive features on Super Duty – presents a color-coded bird’s-eye representation of truck and trailer on the console touch screen. Yellow or red means the trailer angle is too tight and there is a risk of jackknifing.

Two patents are pending on Trailer Reverse Guidance, including a dynamic steering wheel icon that indicates to drivers which direction to turn to back up a trailer in a straight line and a dual-purpose camera package.

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