The new Land Rover Discovery is slated to make its debut at the Paris Auto Show in less than 24 hours, but thanks to a hiccup on Land Rover’s Australian website, we’ve gotten an early full look at the next-gen discovery. The website posted an image of the Discovery, as well as a short video that essentially let the cat out of the bag a little early. And despite the teaser image of the front end that we’ve already seen, there’s quite a bit more to talk about now that we can see the sides and rear without any camo.

To start off, the boxy look of the last-gen model is a thing of the past with the front hood taking on a more refined look and the A-pillars taking on a longer presence to go with a better angle. These things alone bring the Discovery into the modeler times, but there’s still more. The rear doors have been completely redesigned. The door glass is all one piece, and the doors are now boomerang shaped in the rear. The taillights wrap around the corners of the rear and have a striking resemblance to the headlights. The rear end is now rounded on all sides, giving the rear end a bubbly look while the roof almost looks like it was placed on top of the vehicle after it was built. It’s a unique design, but it somehow works.

In one of the screenshots from the short video found on the website, we get a decent glance at the rear end. The only thing really out of whack here is the off-centered license plate which actually looks really awkward. Otherwise, this next-gen model is a huge departure from any Discovery that came before it and should prove to be quite successful for Land Rover in the coming years. We’ll learn a lot more about this baby early tomorrow as the press days at the Paris Auto Show kicks off, so stay tuned for updates and official images.

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Why it Matters

I have a feeling that this “leak” didn’t exactly happen on purpose. While the site was live with the image and video this morning, it has since been reverted to its previous layout that shows a few spy shots and the teaser image of the front. Unfortunately for Land Rover, the cat is already out of the bag, but considering the attention the leaked photos have gotten, it can rest assured that we’ve been looking forward to its long-awaited debut. What do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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