• 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show – Worst In Show

The four-wheeled equivalents of a box-office flop

With December now upon us, the LA Auto Show opens to the public, with throngs of hungry auto lovers filing into the downtown convention center to get a glimpse of all the fresh four-wheeled offerings hot off the press. TopSpeed was there to cover all the big debuts, and we found more than a few that were worth your praise and adulation. However, for every model that impressed, LA also served up at least a few that were… let’s say problematic. Indeed, it wasn’t all roses and lollipops and rainbows in La La Land, and as such, we feel compelled to put together a smattering of offenders in the following Worst In Show list.

Most of the following entries left us with a profound sense of “meh,” while others had us questioning why they even decided to show at all. Of course, your opinions on the worst from LA might differ, so drop your picks in the comments section below!

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So… Many… Crossovers…

2017 Los Angeles Auto Show – Worst In Show
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Look – we understand why there were so many crossovers and SUVs at the LA Auto Show this year. It’s a hugely, stupidly popular segment, with a seemingly never-ending source of demand that grows, blob-like, year after year, consuming every other segment in its path with an insatiable hunger. As such, automakers are clamoring to fill their lineups with every shape, size, and style of SUV/crossover possible, hence the surplus of examples in attendance this year.

But that doesn’t mean we gotta like it. Seriously, we felt like we were drowning in a sea of faux off-roaders this year, and while that’s to be expected, when can you say enough is enough?

Lexus RX And Lexus LX

2018 Lexus RX L Offers Gas-Only or Hybrid Drivetrain; Updated Chassis
- image 748793

Adding substantially to the overflow of SUVs this year was Lexus, which brought revamped iterations of its RX and LX models to LA. The most substantial changes for both models included revised seating arrangements, with the RX gaining a third row and the LX losing a third row, broadening the appeal of both with more passengers for the former and more cargo space for the latter.

Seems a little pointless, no? Seems to us like these updates just add to an already over-bloated segment in the name of creating even more options for the customer. Ugh.

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Lincoln Nautilus

2019 Lincoln Nautilus Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 747908
New eight-speed transmission

First off, we just wanna say that we’re happy Lincoln has decided to go with an actual name for its models, rather than the traditional jumble of letters and words we see across the industry. So that’s good. However, what’s not so good is that the “all-new” Nautilus really isn’t much more than a refreshed MKX. Sure, the Nautilus differs thanks to a restyled front end and a new eight-speed gearbox, but that’s about it. It’s still a rather lame SUV from a regrettably unremarkable brand, with an interior that feels old and cheap compared to the competition. And that’s a shame when you consider the possibilities associated with the brand-new name. Pass.

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The “New” BMW i8

BMW Debuts “New” i8 Coupe and the First i8 Roadster Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 748136
Weighs just 3,381 pounds

Truth be told, we’re pretty big fans of the i8. We like the futuristic styling, the high-tech features, and the surprisingly effective hybrid powertrain. However, one thing we don’t like is a forgettable refresh touted as a new model, as we just explained above.

Hence, the 2019 i8’s spot on this list. Updates include new wheels, small tweaks to the shape of the headlights and taillights, an extra 12 horsepower, and a pitiful 3 extra miles while in all-electric mode.

That ain’t gonna cut the mustard with the bevy of impressive hybrid and electric performance machines we’ve seen in the past few years. Granted, the release of the new Roadster model is worth a spot at the show, but the minor revisions for the Coupe? Not so much.

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Ampere Motors Prototype

2017 Los Angeles Auto Show – Worst In Show
- image 751053

Per tradition for the LA Auto Show, there were plenty of highly efficient hybrids and electrics on display, ranging from battery-assisted crossovers, to zippy little EV city cars. Ampere Motors was part of the mix with its prototype three-wheeler, and while the startup certainly has the right idea (100 miles per charge, open-top fun, two-seater interior, $9,900 price tag), the prototype shown in LA definitely needed a bit more time in the oven.

Long story short, this thing looked rough. Like “oh crap, the show is today?!” rough, like “quick, let’s put it together on the bus ride over to the convention center” rough. Nothing really fit, you could park a Prius in the panel gaps, the paint looked like it was applied with a fork, and to make matters worse, a near-production-ready EV three-wheeler from Sonders was positioned directly across from the Ampere booth.

Love the idea, guys. That said, first impressions matter.

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