• 2017 SEMA Show – Worst In Show

    2017 SEMA Show - Worst in Show
  • 2018 Toyota Camry Rutledge Wood
  • 2018 BMW 740e with M Performance Parts
  • Mopar parts for JL Wranger

All builds aren’t created equal…

This year’s SEMA Show brought out some out truly fantastic builds to bask in the limelight. Don’t forget to check out our Best In Show list here for a breakdown on all of our favorites if you need any evidence of that. Indeed, we had a hard time picking just a handful of rides to celebrate – it really was that good. That difficulty extended into our picks for this list as well, as finding offenders wasn’t an easy task. But find them we did, and we’re calling ‘em out right here in the following Worst In Show list for SEMA 2017.

Included is a batch of ho-hum concepts from Toyota, further dilution of Bimmer’s M brand, and a few upgrades that are getting a bit ahead of themselves. And, as always, we wanna know what you think dear reader. Do you agree that these were the worst to show at SEMA this year, or did we miss something even more egregious? Perhaps you even like one of these things. Either way, post your opinion in the comments section below!

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Endless (And Pointless) Toyota Camry Concepts

2017 SEMA Show – Worst In Show Exterior
- image 742016
2018 Toyota Camry Rutledge Wood

While we’re not holding anything against Toyota or the Camry for that matter (hell, we love the latest 2018 model year), the endless stream of Camry concepts that Toyota brought to SEMA this year felt pretty damn pointless. When you break it down, all that was really on display here was a selection of Camrys sporting new paint, new wheels, a lowered suspension, and maybe some minor stuff in the cabin. The most dynamic of the bunch was the “blurple” example from former Top Gear USA co-host Rutledge Wood, which added a new body kit and a baseball glove leather interior, but the rest of ‘em followed a pretty strict formula: “paint, wheels, lower, done.”

And that’s too bad, because when you’re showing at SEMA, ya gotta bring out the big guns in terms of modifications, especially when plugging racing drivers. In the end, these concepts just feel like a series of shameless celebrity tie-ins.

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2018 BMW 740e With M Performance Parts

2017 SEMA Show – Worst In Show
- image 742102
2018 BMW 740e with M Performance Parts

The 740e is a fantastic vehicle. It’s got the looks to make you stare and the luxury to make you jealous, plus an advanced hybrid powertrain that keeps it both lively and economical. And that’s an awesome formula, one that we think could get even better with the right parts.

Thing is, we’d argue it’s not something that M Performance should be messing around with unless more performance is on the menu. Want to make it look more aggressive and more comfortable? All good, just don’t call it an M, unless, that is, you’re happy to dilute what the brand means to enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, as we all know, the Bavarians think adding big wheels and a bumper is enough to justify the Motorsport association, hence this weak sauce M Performance model. Yeah, its got Sport Brakes, but the rest of it is for show, rather than go. And no, that doesn’t make us mad. Just disappointed.

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Mopar Floods SEMA With 200+ Parts For The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

2017 SEMA Show – Worst In Show
- image 742112
Mopar parts for JL Wranger

Speaking of pointless parts, Mopar brought along literally hundreds of ‘em with a huge display of upgrades for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler. That’s not to say we don’t like modified Jeeps, but here’s the problem – the new model has yet to make its full introduction. Sure, we got a few new pics at SEMA, but the actual debut is slated for later in the month at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

It’s kinda like going on a first date and immediately picking out the names of your prospective progeny. Sure, she seems like a nice girl, but it’s a bit pre-mature, don’t ya think?

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