• 2017 Shanghai Auto Show – Worst In Show

Finding the big misses from China

If you read our Best In Show list for this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, you know there was more than a few very interesting debuts in China this year. Unfortunately, for all the good stuff on hand, there were a lot of less-than-great vehicles as well. Some were examples of shameless badge engineering, some were copycat knockoffs, and some were just flat out boring. We’ve gathered four of the worst offenders here for this Worst In Show list.

Maybe we’re being overly harsh? Or maybe we’re not being harsh enough? Let us know your opinions of these debuts in the comments, and feel free to make your own suggestions for the list.

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Buick Velite 5

The Chevy Volt has been around since 2010 and has been offered across the world under a surplus of different brands. While the Bow Tie offers it here in the states, the plug-in hybrid is also sold as an Opel and a Vauxhall overseas, and now, you can add Buick to the list with the rebadged Velite 5. Compared to the Volt, the Velite 5 is more or less unchanged beyond the nameplate, with two electric motors and a 1.5-liter ICE making the go. But since the Chinese market is clamoring to get more and more electrified vehicles out on the road, it’s unlikely buyers will care about the ‘ole badge switcheroo.

Zotye SR9

2017 Shanghai Auto Show – Worst In Show
- image 714860
2017 Shanghai Auto Show – Worst In Show
- image 714859

Note: Porsche Macan pictured on the left, Zotye SR9 pictured on the right.

We all know the stereotype about Chinese knockoffs, right? Well here’s an example of where that stereotype comes true. No, that’s not a Porsche Macan you’re looking at – it’s a Zotye SR9. Seriously. It looks nearly identical, and it’s even roughly the same size, dimensionally speaking. It’s also got just 190 horsepower under the hood, but hey, at least it’s cheap, tagged with a price roughly one-fifth that of the Porsche. Just remember – you get what you pay for.

Land Wind X7

2017 Shanghai Auto Show – Worst In Show
- image 714863
2017 Shanghai Auto Show – Worst In Show
- image 714861

Note: "Range Rover Evoque pictured on the left, Land Wind X7 pictured on the right."

Here’s another bit of cut and paste design work, this time pulling from the Range Rover Evoque for inspiration. The look and styling is more or less a direct duplication, with the same bold front end, wedge-like headlights, and powerful stance all unchanged on the Land Wind. Hell, it’s even got the same fender markers, and a very similar interior design as well. Unsurprisingly, power is down in the X7, and materials are a little cheaper, but then again, so is the asking price.

Hyundai ix35


Originality and exciting designs were in abundance in Shanghai this year, but unfortunately, the Hyundai ix35 wasn’t contributing. Yeah, it’s a budget-minded crossover, so it’s not gonna blow our minds, but does that mean it’s gotta be so boring? The styling looks like it’s at least 15 years past due, and the interior is more of the same. The engine lineup is equally yawn-inducing, with a 2.0-liter option and a 2.4-liter option producing 160 horsepower and 170 horsepower respectively.

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