Here are the debuts best left under the sheets

There was plenty to like at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. In fact, we put together a list of the best debuts right here, which is proof positive of at least that much. But for all the lust-worthy designs and impressive technology we did see, there was also plenty of … let’s say, less-than-desirable debuts as well. From the freakish, to the lazy, to the disappointing, this list takes a look at the worst of the worst from the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Perhaps you’ll disagree with this list, either because we included something that doesn’t deserve to be called Worst In Show, or because we didn’t include something that does deserve the title. Either way, we’d love to hear your opinion on the matter in the comments section. Did the Tokyo Motor Show fulfill your expectations, or did it end up falling flat? Either way, read on for our picks for Worst in Show.

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Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

2017 Toyota Tj Cruiser
- image 737055
This is the Toyota TJ Cruiser…

While we try to be as objective as possible and not judge a book by its cover, this van/crossover thing from Toyota is just too much for us. The “TJ” name is supposed to stand for “Toolbox Joy,” and while we get the toolbox part of it, we aren’t exactly smiling. Indeed, this design study looks about as desirable as any toolbox could be, with a square shape created by broad, flat surfaces front to back. The front end is particularly fugly, with a snout-like intake that juts forward in an obtrusively swine-like fashion.

Granted, this weird exterior is the form required to meet the demands of the large interior, where practicality was obviously the primary concern. Still, that exterior… yikes!

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Yamaha Cross Hub

2017 Yamaha Cross Hub Concept
- image 740966
2017 Yamaha Cross Hub Concept

You know, we take our pickups pretty darn seriously here in ‘Merica, so anytime there’s a new one, we put it under the microscope. Long story short, this compact from Yamaha ain’t up to snuff. It looks more like a glorified ATV than a truck, with a short rear bed barely big enough to fit a baby dirt bike. The styling is just a mess, as is the interior, where three passengers sit abreast with the driver situated in the middle. Also, what’s up with the orange coloring for the controls? To be honest, this truck seems more intent on making a fashion statement than it is actually being useful, and for us, that’s a non-starter.

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Subaru Brings Three Lazy Concepts

Subaru Dresses up its Three Favorite Models for an Outing in Tokyo High Resolution Exterior
- image 734286

Here’s the thing – we know Subaru can make a cool concept. That much is evidenced by the Viziv Performance sedan we saw dropped in Tokyo this year, a model we liked so much, we gave it a spot on our Best In Show list for 2017. That said, these three concepts are proof the brand doesn’t always bring the goods. Essentially slightly modified iterations of Suby’s three popular model lines (the Impreza, XV, and the Outback), these “concepts” feel more like vague attempts at previewing upcoming vehicle accessories more than anything else. Maybe they’ll be upcoming special editions. Either way, they just feel lazy to us, like some four-wheeled filler.

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No New Supra, No New Z, No New RX!

2017 Tokyo Motor Show – Worst In Show
- image 742073

Like pretty much every other enthusiast out there, we had all our fingers and toes crossed in the hope that 2017 would be the year one of these vehicles made its production debut. Rumor has it the next-generation Toyota Supra, the next-generation Nissan Z car, and the next-generation Mazda RX are all on the way, and what better place to pull the sheets than at the Tokyo Motor Show?

Alas, all three were a no-show. Even the new Toyota Supra, which has been spied multiple times on public roads over the past few months, failed to make an appearance. Bummer!


2017 Tokyo Motor Show – Visitor's Guide
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