How does 600 horsepower sound on your full-sized Navigator SUV?

Hennessey has started rolling out a modified 2018 Lincoln Navigator that’s fitted with the tuner’s patented HPE600 tuning program. The custom tuned full-size SUV gets an increase in power, among other upgrades. The tuning package costs $19,950, and availability is limited to just 200 units for the 2018 model. If you’re interested in buying one, you can order the SUV though Hennessey or any authorized Hennessey Lincoln dealer.

What Makes The 2018 Hennessey Lincoln Navigator Special

The Lincoln Navigator doesn’t strike anyone as an SUV that’s loaded in power and performance. On the surface, the Navigator looks the part of a full-sized luxury SUV. It also has a business-like interior, the kind you’d expect from an automaker like Lincoln. Really, power and performance are the last two things you’d expect out of the Navigator, and yet, it carries a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine that produces 450 horsepower. Evidently, it’s a beast, as well.

For its part, Hennessey believed that even with 450 horsepower at its disposal, the 2019 Navigator still has room for improvement. There’s still some potential there that’s waiting to be tapped, and if anyone’s going to unlock that potential, it’s Hennessey.

Aesthetically, the upgrades to the Navigator’s exterior are limited to the badges on the front door jambs and the tailgate.

The package also comes with an option to upgrade to a set of 22-inch forged monoblock wheels. There’s not much after that. It’s the same story in the interior where all you’re getting are embroidered headrests.

If you’re going to pay almost $20,000 for this kit, you’re going to do it with the full knowledge that most of that amount is earmarked for the engine and suspension upgrades that Hennessey has lined up for the Navigator. That includes engine management computer software upgrades and the addition of a high-flow air induction and a large front-mounted intercooler with a blow-off valve. Hennessey combined all these components and installed them on the full-sized SUV with the clear purpose of increasing the output of the twin-turbo V-6 engine.

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Consider that mission accomplished, then, because dyno results in the video show the Navigator topping out at around 500 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque. Even better, Hennessey indicated that the SUV’s tuned V-6 engine can actually produce as much as 600 horsepower.

To put that into proper context, the upgrades are significant enough to cut the Navigator’s acceleration time from 0 to 60 mph from the standard time of 5.5 seconds to just 4.8 seconds.

Do the math on that and you’re looking at a faster clip amounting to 0.7 seconds compared to the standard version of the SUV. Even more impressive is Hennessey’s claim that the Navigator can also tackle a quarter-mile in just 12.9 seconds at 107 mph.

Needless to say, Hennessey’s HPE600 program for the Lincoln Navigator elevates the luxury SUV into the territory of performance SUVs. It’s an artificial upgrade, sure, but tell that to the other SUVs that will end up getting smoked by the Navigator. This may be a full-sized luxury SUV on the surface, but it’s breathing fire now, too, all thanks to Hennessey.

The HPE600 program costs $19,950, including installation.

That’s not a bad price to pay for a program that can unleash the Navigator’s inner Mr. Hyde. Best be quick about getting the tuned SUV, though, because Hennessey only plans to build 200 units for the 2018 model. Once those allotments fill, there’s no telling if the tuner’s allocating more spots for the 2019 model.

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