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The 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is finally here, and with it, the folks from Gaydon have released an online configurator to tweak and customize yours to perfection. We dove in head first, and this is the result.

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2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera - How We'd Spec It
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Buyers can choose between either the standard palette or the special Q palette

From the off, the configurator offers users the choice between four Design Specifications, or the option to “Build Your Own.” We’re kinda hands on when it comes to this sort of thing, so we decided to go full custom on it, but if you’re interested in the four factory presets, skip ahead to the bottom of this article.

First up - the exterior paint. Buyers can choose between either the standard palette or the special Q palette, and feeling pretty special ourselves, we went with Q. Our color of choice was Frosted Glass Blue, which gives the two-door a very cool vibe indeed. For the carbon trim, we went with black tinted gloss to help offset the bright body panels.

Up next, Aston is offering either red or smoked lenses for the taillights. We went with the latter of the two, as we felt it better matched the trim. Plus, it just looks slick as hell across the well-sculpted trunk line. We also chose the black tinted louvers over the mesh to give the hood a little extra aggression, and the vents match those in the fenders. Speaking of which, we stuck with the standard black side louvers to match the rest of the trim.

2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera - How We'd Spec It
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The mirror caps are offered in either the body color or two different carbon finishes

The mirror caps are offered in either the body color or two different carbon finishes, but we went with the body color to get more of that slick blue hue. The same options are offered for the roof and roof strake, but again, we stuck with the body color to help enhance the car’s gorgeous silhouette.

Up next, the wheels, which are offered in two designs and six different finishes, each measured at 21 inches in diameter. We went with the Y-spoke Duotone Gloss Black and Satin Black for their simplicity and complementary color tone. The brake calipers can also be customized, so we grabbed the Orange Painted option from the Q palette to give it some Gulf livery vibes against the frosty blue body.

Final touches for the exterior include carbon fiber for the badging and engine cover.

2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera - exterior colors

Appletree Green Arden Green Sea Storm Ocellus Teal White Stone Hammerhead Silver
Magnetic Silver Gloss Xenon Grey Onyx Black China Grey Jet Black Ultramarine Black
Midnight Blue Intense Blue Lightning Silver Skyfall Silver Concours Blue Mariana Blue
Hyper Red Diavolo Red Divine Red Kopi Bronze Marron Black Cinnabar Orange
Lime Essence Yellow Tang Lunar White Stratus White Morning Frost White Selene Bronze
Arizona Bronze Pentland Green Dubonnet Rosso Satin Concours Blue Scintilla Silver Satin Xenon Grey
Zaffre Blue AM Heritage Racing Green Satin Xenon Grey Satin Titanium Silver Platinum White Satin Cobalt Blue
Frosted Glass Blue Golden Saffron
2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera - How We'd Spec It
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Moving onto the interior, we like the duotone color scheme, and we think the standard leather upholstery should do just fine. The upholstery color combo includes Phantom Grey and Light Argento Metallic, which we think works well with the exterior setup. The contrast stitching is done up in California Poppy orange to match the calipers. We also opted out of the upholstery quilting to give it a cleaner feel.

However, we did grab the ventilated seat option, which is supremely useful in warmer climates. The embroidery gets the Aston Martin wings logo, while the headliner matches the seat color.

Satin Chopped carbon fiber was added to the dash trim inlays and seat backs, while Satin Silver brightens the surrounds.

As this thing was designed to eat up the miles, we also decided to upgrade the audio to the optional Bang & Olufsen system. The seat belts are in a darker Graphite finish.

No carbon was needed for the steering wheel, given we went with the Satin Chopped finish for the center console, but we did like the Black Alcantara for the side hand grips.

2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera interior colors

Copper Tan Metallic Dark Mocha Aurora Blue Dark Knight Cote d’Azur Blue Bitter Chocolate
Pure Black Red Oxide Chestnut Tan Chancellor Red Lords Red Black Damson
Obsidian Black Indigo Blue Blue Haze Metallic Black Metallic Copper Tan Metallic
2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera - How We'd Spec It
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There’s also the option for personalized sill plaques, if desired, plus optional seat bolster adjustments, a mobile first aid kit, an umbrella, garage door opener, and stolen vehicle tracker, not to mention a four-piece leather luggage set color-matched to the rest of the car.

Further accessories include things like a car cover, winter wheels and tires, branded valve caps, and an all-weather trunk mat.

All told, Aston is offering a ton of customization options on the DBS Superleggera, but if you’re looking for the automaker’s take on it, there are four pre-set Design Specifications to choose from, starting with “Distilled Energy,” which comes with Hyper Red paint and a Blue Haze Metallic interior offset by Spicy Red Accents. Fine details include Duotone Gloss and Satin Black wheels, plus Satin Chopped carbon fiber trim.

If that’s a bit over the top, there’s also the “Modern Minimalist” configuration, which adds Satin Xenon Grey paint outside and Obsidian Black leather upholstery inside. Gloss Black tinted carbon trim and Textured Black wheels complement the grey paint, while red brake calipers add a little color to the equation.

Up next is the “Dark Alchemy” configuration, which shines it up with Gloss Xenon Grey paint and two-tone wheels finished in Satin Black and Satin Bronze. Red Oxide leather upholstery and Triaxial quilting gives the cabin the proper upscale feel.

Finally, there’s the “Dynamic Futurist” configuration, which comes with a White Stone exterior that looks quite good offset by the black trim pieces. Inside, Light Argento Metallic and Blue Haze Metallic give it a relaxed, chill vibe.

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