There are plenty of easter eggs hidden in the AMG E53

The Mercedes-AMG E53 is the latest addition to a growing lineup of E-Class models that are getting the full-blown AMG treatment. There are plenty of highlights to go around as far as the AMG E53 is concerned. one of these highlights is Mercedes’ new 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six engine with EQ Boost. The inclusion of the engine is one of the major talking points about the model, but like most tech-infused cars these days, there are small details in some of these cars that don’t get the attention they deserve. We’re changing that here by highlighting a few nifty features hidden inside the AMG 53 that some of you might have missed, including a push button inside the trunk that does some serious work for you.

The first of these hidden easter eggs are found in the front seats of the car. Since the AMG E53 is a fastback, two-door coupe, gaining access to the two rear seats involves moving the two front seats. Well, Mercedes-AMG just made our jobs easier because all we have to do is pull a lever on the side of the seat, push down the entire backrest, and watch as the seat moves forward automatically. Once the rear passengers are comfortable at the back, we can pull back the backrest to its upright position and then watch as the seat moves back to its original position automatically. Brilliant stuff.

Now let’s talk about the trunk feature I mentioned earlier. Opening the trunk automatically is already common in the industry. But what about closing it automatically? There aren’t that many models that offer that feature, but the Mercedes-AMG E53 does. All you need to do is a push a little red button located inside the trunk and the whole thing closes by itself. It’s nice of Mercedes-AMG to think of this feature, but unlike the automatic seats, I think this one is a bit unnecessary. Closing a trunk isn’t the hardest thing to do anyway. Just slam it shut and you’re on your way. Still, thanks, Mercedes, for thinking of yet another thing that computers can do for us.

Last but not least is the automatic seatbelt. This is another technology that’s already been used in past models. I had an uncle who once owned a 1989 Acura Integra and it already had automatic seatbelts. The one developed by AMG for the AMG E53 is different because it actually just offers you the seatbelt when the doors close and retracts back to its hiding space when the doors open. It’s another small easter egg that gets lost in the shadow of more important tech features.


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