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Toyota Supra fans, rejoice! The new Toyota Supra A90 will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2019. As one of the most expected cars in the past couple of years, the Toyota Supra has been under development for more than four years. Thanks to our thorough research and all the details we could pick up at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and during the BMW Z4 unveil (on whose architecture the Supra is based), we know quite a bit about the car. The confirmation for the Toyota Supra unveiling in Detroit came from the Toyota Germany. It was actually announced at the official Facebook page.

Most Important Debut Of The 2019 Detroit Motor Show?

2019 Toyota Supra Confirmed for Detroit Debut Exterior
- image 786393
2019 Toyota Supra Confirmed for Detroit Debut
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The reveal of the new Toyota Supra A90 at the 2019 North American International Auto Show may will be the greatest debut this show has given us over the past couple of years.

The enthusiasts’ buildup is apparent, but the fact that the new Supra is actually based on the same architecture as the BMW Z4 killed a bit of the hype. This is quite curious because the Z4 is actually quite awesome and if Toyota had to partner with someone to build the new Supra, they could not have picked a better partner.

Nevertheless, the production of the new car is scheduled to begin in Austria, in the same plant where the Z4 is being produced. Although these two will share the drivetrain, a lot of the interior and stuff under the metal, Toyota was clear that it will do all the important work by itself. Actually, Toyota Supra’s Chief Engineer, Masayuki Kai said:

“We agreed on the packaging, like where is the hip-point of the driver, what’s the wheelbase, the width, where’s the fuel tank, where’s the A-pillar, this was around the middle of 2014... After that we completely separated our team. After that, no communication with each other.”

2019 Toyota Supra Confirmed for Detroit Debut Exterior
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The new car should have a unique exhaust note, unique dynamic properties, and track behavior tailored for something Toyota Supra enthusiasts may expect.

After all, it has a roof and this clearly indicates that it will be stiffer than the Z4. Plus, it will come with a limited slip diff at the back and more than 330 horsepower. Later down the line, the Supra is likely to get a hybrid propulsion system. Some already suggest it is destined to reach the track-focused version. Like the Supra GRMN? It may be.

Yet, we do know the car will sport a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine as well. The one from the BMW at that. With 250+ horsepower. Nothing wrong with that.

It Will Not Be A Big Car

2019 Toyota Supra Confirmed for Detroit Debut Exterior
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Nope, the Supra will not be a big car. In fact, it is more or less the same size as the Toyota 86. Other numbers are actually more impressive. The Supra will be as rigid as the Lexus LFA, it will have a slightly shorter wheelbase compared with the 86, and a lower center of gravity compared to it as well. Plus it will use a BMW straight six and have 50:50 weight distribution. Honestly, this sounds awesome. In fact, I am sure that the Supra will be a benchmark for driving precision and dynamism in its class.


With the introduction of the new Toyota Supra A90, Toyota will officially enter the new era, as Toyota's chief has long promised that the company will not produce boring cars anymore.

Having a halo car like the Supra can only help the cause. As its importance is so huge, I can only imagine that the car has to be near perfection. Although I had my doubts and disappointments upon learning the A90 will actually be the Z4 in disguise, I am now quite excited about the unveiling. The Supra is like a Toyota brand billboard. It has to be good, it has to work, it has to show what the brand stands for. The Japanese sometimes do incredible things with their sports cars. Remember the first NSX? Remember the LFA? I think the time has come for the Toyota Supra to be great again. And we will see the new Toyota Supra A90 at the 2019 NAIAS.

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