Nikola Vargov, a 26-years old Bulgarian economist who is also a car design enthusiast pictured himself how a TT will look like in 2020. The car is a down-to-basics, Audi TT-based, 2-seat concept with the engine shifted in the back, before the rear axle.

The concept is relatively small dimensions (LxWxH: 4000 mm x 1850 mm x 1150 mm) presuppose a smaller engine and a smart, lightweight construction such as aluminium and composites. According to Nikola, "The compact yet powerful VW’s W8 technology would make a perfect sense here."

"Therefore, this car is more likely to be in the Lotus Exige and Noble segment rather than in the upper positioned Porsche Carrera, Ferrari 430 or even the new Audi R8’s."

Source: Car Body Design

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pdaix  (431) posted on 02.12.2007

for a bulgarian, 26 years old, with probably very low budget, I think this is pretty good... with bigger headlight and front grill he almost made an R8 smiley

rymert19  (35) posted on 02.12.2007

Note to self: Don’t buy an Audi TT in 2020...
just kidding. Interesting concept though...

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