Adding extra roof to the new Bavarian standard

BMW has only just taken the wraps off its all-new G30 3-Series sedan at the Paris Motor Show, but what I want to know is what the estate or wagon version of it is going to look like. So in order to not have to wait until next year when BMW will probably reveal the 3 load lugger, I’ve made my own digital version of it.

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2020 BMW 3 Series Touring Rendered
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Trying to imagine what a future BMW will be like is, to be honest, easier than with other manufacturers - even though the new 3 Series has its own personality and doesn’t look like a scaled down 5 Series - which is why I’m pretty sure this digitally modified version is pretty close to the design of the actual car.

We’ve already seen the 3 Series Touring’s outline in spy shots, albeit covered with heavy camo, so there is some reference to go by.

What might be more different on the final, real car are the rear lights as I didn’t make any changes to the ones from the sedan and BMW seems to be into that - expect the rear lights to differ slightly, although they may very well not differ; it’s kind of hard to tell at the moment.

The 3 Series Touring could debut next year at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March, or in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. BMW has not announced the addition of new versions, but it did say it’s killing the 3 Series GT, which is a bit of a shame in my book as I was one of the few people who really liked it.

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