Lynk & Co’s Zero Concept sounds promising with 536 horsepower and 400+ miles of range

Lynk & Co is not exactly popular outside China, but it’s been doing well in the Asian country and it’s looking to expand in the near future. The brand is already selling five different vehicles, which share underpinnings with Volvo, as both Lynk & Co and the Swedish carmaker are owned by Geely. At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, Lynk & Co unveiled the Zero Concept, a crossover that previews an upcoming production model with an all-electric drivetrain.

The Lynk & Co Zero Concept is a production-ready SUV

2020 Lynk & Co Zero Concept Exterior
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Although it’s described as a concept, the only conceptual thing about this vehicle is the drivetrain and the platform. Design-wise, the Zero Concept doesn’t look to wild, as it share many design features with existing Lynk & Co models. It features the familiar front fascia with swept-back headlamps and additional light bars in the center section, and a third tier formed by the bumper. The coupe-style roof and the muscular rear haunches are also familiar. Around back, the Concept Zero features a unique light bar, but this element is also somewhat based on what we can see on existing Lynk & Co production models.

2020 Lynk & Co Zero Concept Exterior
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The interior doesn’t look very wild either. Both the dashboard and the center console look ready to go into production, while the digital instrument cluster and infotainment display aren’t overly large. The concept comes with sporty front seats, probably the only feature that will be dropped from the production model. Or offered as an option for the more expensive trims.

The Lynk & Co Zero Concept introduces a new EV platform

2020 Lynk & Co Zero Concept Exterior
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The big news here is that the Zero Concept is the first vehicle built on Geely’s new Sustainable Experience Architecture. This platform features high-tech, sustainable materials and also enables Geely to produce more compact and dynamic electric vehicles.

The concept is fitted with multiple electric motors, meaning the crossover is all-wheel driven. The motors deliver a combined output of 536 horsepower, which may not be retained for the production model.

At least not for the more affordable models. Not surprisingly, the Zero Concept hits 62 mph from a standing start in less than four seconds.

2020 Lynk & Co Zero Concept Exterior
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There’s no info about the battery yet, but Lynk & Co says the drivetrain provides a range of around 435 miles in the NEDC cycle. Again, this range will decrease in the more affordable models. The Chinese company also brags that the battery has been designed to resist degradation for at least 124,000 miles and to last more than one 1.2 million miles.

Lynk & Co Zero Concept specifications
Horsepower 536 HP
0 to 60 mph <4 seconds
Range 435 miles
Drivetrain all-wheel drive

The concept car also features a height-adjustable air suspension, adaptive damping, and a CoPilot semi-autonomous driving system. It also incorporates over-the-air update capability.

2020 Lynk & Co Zero Concept Exterior
- image 937591

A production model based on the concept car will go into production in 2021, but that’s all we know so far. Geely’s new platform will also be used in future electric models from Volvo.

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