Somehow, I really want this to be the 2020 Toyota Supra!

Only a few moments ago SupraMKV forum leaked photos of what seems to be the new 2020 Toyota Supra A90. A user of the forum who published photos, “t93” claimed that he registered to Toyota Germany waiting List for the Supra and found these photos attached to that mail. Then, some other users claimed the same. What else can a man do than register on a waiting list of the new Toyota Supra A90? I did it. I am registered on a waiting list for the Supra. And that alone gives me some strange fizzy filling. Back to the issue at hand.

After registering I even got an email stating:
“Hello Safet,
Thank you for signing up for the Toyota GR Supra waiting list.”
The guy that posted the photos actually wrote that he got an email saying:
“Thank you for joining the Toyota GR Supra waiting List.”
Obviously, it’s a bit different.
I did not get any Toyota Supra GR photos though. Except for the photos of the camouflaged car we saw ages ago.
Nevertheless, the photos I found on the Supra MKV forum are rather nicely done and even if these turn out to be only renderings I am fairly certain that they nicely represent the new Toyota Supra GR. Yup, that’s what I’ve learned from the registration email sent to me. The new Toyota Supra’s official name for Europe (or at least for Germany), will be the Toyota Supra GR (Gazoo Racing for all y’all).

It Looks Like It Is The Real Deal

Now, I’ll approach this as I’m actually looking at the all-new Toyota Supra GR!
The photos show the new car front and rear quarter view. I can see right away that the small vents on the front around the headlights, at sides on the fenders, and at the back on the edges of rear lights are reminiscent of what we have seen on the FT-1 Concept. I like that a lot.

Corresponding with the leaked photos I wrote about before, these photos do have some merit to them.

The only obvious change is the addition of the Toyota plaque above the Supra name at the back (which may be a market particularity).

Despite the accuracy of these photos (which I believe represent the new Supra quite well), I think we got ourselves a really cool car. One that looks a tad small (granted), but that has all the important race car-centric pieces we like so much. Plus, those hips. Oh boy.

And the paint. The red, although it seems to poop out too much on these photos, does, in fact, go in line with the car we saw blurred in that video where Toyota showcased the sound of Supra’s 3.0-liter inline six.

Final Thoughts

2020 Toyota Supra A90 Images Leaked - Is This It?
- image 811638

Personally, I believe that this is the new Supra, or at the very least, that the new Supra GR will look a lot like this. While I still have some issues with its size (like, it looks somehow too narrow, and I do not like that in cars), the final execution shows that Toyota designers did all they could to link it spiritually with the beloved predecessor but also give it some modern shape and details that will make it interesting for the buyers of today. We may get our first official and 100 percent certain glimpses of the new Toyota Supra GR in the coming days. I am sure of that.

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