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2023 Chevy Corvette Z06: Topless Thrills Up to 8,600 RPM?

Listen to the C8 Corvette teasing us with its flat-plane V-8 that revs up to 8,600 RPM, right before its official debut

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At this point, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know about the C8 Corvette. The first production, mid-engine Corvette finally came to us in 2019 and quickly became the world’s hottest sports car. Moreover, that was only the base version, and now, we finally get a glimpse at the first high-performance version – the Z06. More importantly, we heard the engine, which sounded like no other Corvette that was ever made.

2023 Chevy Corvette Z06: Topless Thrills Up to 8,600 RPM?
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Looking at the C8, you quickly understand why some people called it “an American Ferrari”. But wait until you hear the engine, which is a motorsport-derived 5.5-liter V-8 with a flat-plane crankshaft. It’s the same unit that powers the C8 R racecar and it revs up to 8,600 RPM. The engine with internal designation LT6 has an output of 670 horsepower, which is actually more than Ferrari 458 Speciale’s 597 horsepower – the last normally-aspirated, mid-engine V-8 Ferrari.

We already know the engine is a masterpiece and hearing it further confirms it. But an engine is only as good as the gearbox allows it to be. Luckily, the already-proven Tremec eight-speed dual-clutch automatic has been upgraded for even crispier shifts.

2023 Chevy Corvette Z06: Topless Thrills Up to 8,600 RPM?
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The C8 Z06 will feature the obligatory distinctive design elements, which would further improve downforce. You can also expect more mechanical grip from the staggered set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tires, which are 275/30 ZR 20 in the front and 345/25 ZR 21 in the back. Unsprung weight will be reduced by a set of carbon-fiber wheels, which are believed to be a part of the Z07 package.

The video gives us epic footage of the C8 Corvette Z06, the soundtrack of which easily matches that of a normally-aspirated V-8 Ferrari. Professional basketball superstar, gold medalist, and car enthusiast Devin Booker, as well as YouTuber and (ex)fastest C8 Corvette owner, Emilia Hartford have joined GM engineers for a spirited drive, to share their impressions.

2023 Chevy Corvette Z06: Topless Thrills Up to 8,600 RPM?
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The C8 Corvette Z08 is said to convey the driving dynamics and emotions of the C8 R, on the road. Emilia Hartford has experience with very fast Corvettes, as her “Phoenix” develops over 1,400 horsepower, so who better than to spread the message of the new Z06. But don’t just take their word for it. Have a listen for yourself. As for the C8 Z06 debut, that happens on October 26, 2021.

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