• 2024 BMW XM Leaked Before You’re Supposed To See It

Here’s you chance to take a closer look at what changed from the concept XM

Take your first look at BMWs radical new X8/XM crossover. Spyshots of the X8 have already been doing the rounds, but these exclusive shots courtesy of wilcoblok give us a close look at what appears to be an almost production-spec vehicle. The lack of heavy camouflage should help us look at how the near-production model has evolved compared to the concept we saw back in November last year.


When I first laid eyes on the BMW X8/XM, I was truly left speechless, but not in a good way. However, considering that this crossover is the Bavarian automaker’s second only standalone M model in nearly four decades, I knew it was a significant model. Now it’s no secret that the current design direction at BMW is bold, be it the M3/M4 or the latest 7 Series.

The XM hasn’t been spared either, and you can see what renowned designer Frank Stephenson, made of BMW’s Halo SUV. Frank was responsible for styling the original BMW X5. Whatever might be the case, I can’t wrap my head around how a vehicle as outlandish as the XM can co-exist with something like the utterly stunning 8 Series.

BMW is obviously gunning for maximum attention with the XM's design and on that front, I suppose they have succeeded.

Spot The Difference

2024 BMW XM Leaked Before You're Supposed To See It
- image 1080387

These near uncamouflaged images of the XM show us that some design elements that we saw on the concept will indeed be making it to the prediction car as well. It still has the same pronounced grille up front, the aggressive diffuser, and triangular exhaust.

The horn-like rear windscreen with the dual BMW logos (reminiscent of the BMW M1 ) at both ends can also be clearly seen here. Despite some parts of the bodywork being hidden, you can easily connect the shapes to the concept car.

2024 BMW XM Leaked Before You're Supposed To See It
- image 1080385

It is perhaps from this angle that you really get an idea about how just how much BMW has softened the overall design. The wheel arches aren’t as angular, and you’ll find a lot of missing creases when compared to the concept car. The shape of the gas filler cap has changed, and there now appears to be a new haunch rising from the rear doors going into the taillights.

The blackened A-pillar is gone and there’s a new hood line and very prominent door handles. The wheels appear to be just as big, but perhaps the biggest change is that this particular example is a monotone when compared to the dual-tone on the concept.

2024 BMW XM Leaked Before You're Supposed To See It
- image 1080386

This angle gives you a closer look at the wing mirror situation and this unique design element that runs the length of the doors. You’ll also notice that this trim piece (painted in bronze) sits much higher on the production-spec model and sits closer to the bottom of the window line.

As for the interior, these spy shots show that things aren’t as garish as the concept. You’ve got your conventional BMW steering with your two M buttons and it seems even more normal with that gear stick in the center.


So there you have it, a closer look at how the new BMW XM is coming along. Given how close this particular car looks to production, I suppose the launch isn’t too far away. This is obviously just a visual overview of the vehicle and we’ll have to wait it out until more details become available. Watch this space.

Source: Wilcoblok via Instagram

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