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Do you remember the opening scene of the Gone in 60 Seconds remake? In the very beginning, Kip Raines (portrayed by Giovanni Ribisi) is determined to steal “Tina,” a car that is said to be a Porsche 911 996. To do so, he grabs his “tool,” better known as a brick, from the trunk of his car, smashes the front glass window and proceeds to jack move Tina. Eventually, he goes on to get into an illegal street race, leads police to the warehouse, and the whole plot of the movie unfolds from there. So why am I talking about an entertaining scene from a 16-year-old movie? Because someone from Salt Lake City, Utah decided he wanted to be just like Kip Raines.

I’m not even kidding, either. According to the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Francisco Gonzalez-Velasquez – a 22-year-old male – tried to pull the same move that Kip Raines did in Gone in 60 Seconds. The Sheriff’s office claims that Gonzalez-Velasquez broke the front glass of a Porsche car dealership in Salt Lake City, then proceeded to steal a Porsche right off of the showroom floor. It wasn’t a Porsche 996, though. Gonzalez-Velasquez had more expensive taste and went for a Porsche 918 Spyder that is valued at $1.6 million.

The funny part about the whole thing is the fact that Gonzalez-Velasquez didn’t wait until night time to make this expensive grab. He did it at around 4:30 in the afternoon. Police caught up with him in that very car just six hours later, where he was arrested on charges of theft, burglary, and theft by receiving stolen property. I’m sure it was a fun ride while it lasted, but I’m pretty sure that ride isn’t worth the time behind bars the suspect will serve if he is convicted on all charges.

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Why it Matters

I can’t help but laugh at this whole story. At the same time, I’ve got to give the guy some credit for making such a ballsy move. At this time, we have no idea what his actual motivation was, but for his sake, I hope it was for a better reason that driving the car around for a few hours. The moral of the story: If you’re going to recreate a theft scene from a movie, at least recreate a scene that actually worked out. If it didn’t work out for Kip in the movie, who was – by standards of the law – a professional car thief, it’s probably not going to work out in real life either. As it turns out, Gonzalez-Velasquez will have plenty of time to sit around and think about what went wrong.

On another note, I want to talk about that Porsche Kip Raines stole in the movie. While it was portrayed as a stock, Porsche 911 996, it was actually something completely different. It was actually a customized Porsche 911 from 1978. The legacy of “Tina” was actually a tribute to H.B. Toby Halicki, who is known as the Car Crash King, and the original Gone in 60 Seconds from 1974. For those of you who haven’t seen the original, it’s time you do. It does have one of the best movie chase scenes of all time.

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