Dirt Every Day has done some pretty awesome stuff in the past, but it all seems to pale in comparison to a 3,500-mile road trip from the southern coast of Texas to the most northwestern part of the continental United States. Along the way, the team of two 2014 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro trucks battle the highway and plenty of trails in the search for off-road fun.

The trip started in Boca Chica, Texas at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, and traveled north to San Antonio to Toyota’s truck assembly plant. Dirt Every Day host Fred Williams got a behind-the-scenes look at how Toyota trucks are built. Amazingly, all Tacoma and Tundra trucks sold in the U.S. are built on one assembly line, with each model mixed intermittently along the line.

The road trip team then stopped for off-road gear like tow straps, air compressors, D-rings, and even a hatchet. From there, the crew headed northwest to meet up with Fred’s old friend in New Mexico. The pair blasted the Tundra TRD Pro through the water-filled and rock-strewn gorge with no problems.

A quick stop in Pie Town, New Mexico for some sweet treats that make the town’s name obvious, and it’s off to Moab Utah. There, racing ledge Andy Bell met up with Fred and the winner of Dirt Every Day’s online contest, Ion. The group tackled some of the toughest terrain on earth. Steep inclines on sheer rock faces, rocky trails, and dramatic fall-offs made for some white-knuckle driving.

Of course, Fred had to stop at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho for some desert fun. Jumps and hard landings soaked up nicely by the Tundra TRD Pro’s suspension. Finally the time came to end the trip at the Pacific Ocean. Fred piloted the Tundra to Neah Bay, Washington – the northwestern most section of the continental United States. In all, the Tundra TRD Pro handled the extensive road trip nicely with the only problem being an unseated bead on an aired-down tire.

2014 Toyota TRD Pro

2014 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro High Resolution Exterior
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