Video games are becoming more than just realistic these days

As racing video games become more and more realistic these days, it’s become very important for game developers to come up with a feature that can differentiate itself from other games. That’s especially true for games like Driveclub, which doesn’t have the same amount of following as Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport.

On that end, Driveclub did just that by releasing its first-ever 360-degree video of a Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupe racing around with its fellow Silver Arrows brethren. The video is fantastic for a couple of reasons, and the best part about it is how you, as a viewer, can rotate around using the direction buttons on the upper-left end of the screen.

Doing this lets you watch the race from a complete 360-degree angle, allowing you to look at the race from all conceivable angles. Combine that with the impeccable graphics and the all-too realistic environment and you have a unique video game experience that really brings the action to life.

It’s an incredible glimpse of what you can experience when you play Driveclub. Now, I’ve had my time with the game and I can attest to the incredible attention-to-detail it possesses. But, I’ve yet to try out this 360-degree view and, while it does seem difficult to navigate both the car and the camera angle, it’s something that I’m definitely excited to check out.

Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupe

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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