If you happen to be browsing the Internet for the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones and would like to have good laugh doing so, why not read on to find out the most ludicrously expensive holiday gifts that you can buy these days. These are hand-picked, official merchandise put up for sale by world-famous car brands, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and others.

Very few among us could actually afford them, and if you are a sort of person who would not mind spending a thousand dollars on some carbon-fiber origami, we have provided direct links to the website to help you out with your shopping.

Before you click past the jump to read more about these uber-expensive items, we would like to wish all of you an early Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Click past the jump to see the five most overpriced automobile swag.

1) Ferrari shield photo album

5 Most Ludicrously Expensive Automotive Gifts Products
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Probably the most popular supercar brand in the world, Ferrari is known for the ostentatious sports cars. Yes, they are bit too flashy but they are fast, nevertheless. They also sell additional items, like leather bags to match the color of your Ferrari and cheap driving sunglasses that seem overly expensive for the quality. And its not just automotive stuff, the Ferrari store also offers something called as the Ferrari Shield photo album.

It is a 50-page photo album made by Ferrari, using very expensive materials. It is the same kind of stuff that goes into your average Ferrari supercar, including a cover made of space-age carbon-fiber veneer with red wood edging, leather, an enamel Ferrari Shield, plus its own red, Ferrari box.

Cost: $894

2) Ferrari jewelry box

5 Most Ludicrously Expensive Automotive Gifts Products
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If you are looking for something to give your wife this holiday season, then look no further. This Ferrari jewelry box has to be the perfect gift to put a smile on her face.

It is made with Alcantara, wood, leather and, of course, carbon fiber. And yes, it is Ferrari red, as expected. While the box itself is made of wood, the insides are lined with black Alcantara, so her diamonds can lay on a protective bed of awesomeness. A Ferrari shield has been embossed on one side, so no one can ever mistake this for a $10 Walmart box. On the top is an enamel Ferrari shield, and the sides are wrapped with a brown, leather band with contrast stitching.

All said, a very attractive piece indeed... It’s pretty darn pricey too...

Cost: $1,047

3) Lamborghini messenger bag

5 Most Ludicrously Expensive Automotive Gifts Products
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Lamborghini has always made pin-up supercars with the most flamboyant designs. Its cars are loud, fast and typically boast an even louder exterior hue. Lambo also make the Aventador LP700-4, and when it let their designers loose on clean sheet of paper, they do come up with radical things like the Veneno.

While browsing through the Lamborghini Store, we found this carbon-fiber messenger bag. Carbon fiber being an extremely expensive material, the simple sling bag does not come cheap.

Cost: $1,294

4) Aston Martin paperweight

5 Most Ludicrously Expensive Automotive Gifts Products
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Aston Martin cars can be described in three simple words; Power, Beauty and Soul. Well, they do build some of the most beautiful automobiles on the planet that feature a V12 engines that make our hearts sing. Oh yes, they do have a unique soul unlike any other supercar.

Having said that, this Aston Martin paperweight does lack something. Is it powerful or beautiful? Not really. Does it have any real soul? No way...

Short and to the point: it’s a freaking paperweight! I have a rock in my driveway that’ll serve the same purpose, and if I really want to get nifty, I can paint an Aston Martin logo on it too!

Anyway, if you are a businessman/ businesswoman who drives his/her Aston Martin to office on a daily basis, this item should interest you...

Cost: £135.00 ($221 at the current rates)

5) Bentley Breitling desk watch

5 Most Ludicrously Expensive Automotive Gifts Products
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For the last 10 years, Bentley has joined forces with the watchmakers at Breitling to produce authentic timepieces for the historic automobile brand.

Bentley cars are known for British engineering — although now Bentley is owned by VW) — craftsmanship and exclusivity. All these traits, combined along with Breitling, has resulted in this unique Bentley Breitling desk watch. The wood is real walnut as is in most Bentley model — llso note the knurling done on the metal. A rather nice touch, but it’ll set you back a bit.

Cost: $1,553

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