To drive a supercar is everyone’s dream. But, we have to admit not many of us can afford to buy a Porsche, a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Now, you don’t even need to afford buying them! Few wise guys put the basis of a company that allows you to drive the cars you always dreamed of, for $5000 each.

It’s a rare opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin DB9, Mercedes AMG CLK 63 Black Series and a Porsche Turbo 997 and drive them to their limits.

Everyone gets seat time practicing the slalom, 0-60-0 acceleration test (no timing involved) and lots of time driving with the pros on the racetrack. The highlight of the day is the lead follow program, driving each supercar one after the other with a pro in the car ahead leading the way around the track.

Every enthusiast reads magazine articles where test drivers for the magazine drive and compare the best supercars. Supercar Life clients experience for themselves what each car is like. Go through the cars, learn the different starting and shifting protocols, sit in the exquisite interiors for yourself, and then blast off down the track. You will be assisted by professionals drivers who will help you to get the maximum advantage of each car’s handling, braking and acceleration.

Source: SuperCar Life

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