We like what we see but never thought the MC20 needed this sort of spicing

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There’s always room for better. This is the philosophy of every tuner out there and New York’s 7 Designs confirms the creed with a brand new tuning kit for Maserati’s MC20 sports car.

7 Designs Can Make Your Maserati MC20 Look Faster Than It Is Exterior
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Maserati invested a lot of effort and resources into getting the MC20 right. After all, it has big shoes to fill as many see it as a spiritual successor for the bonkers MC12. However, in designing the MC20, Maserati took back some of the aggressiveness flaunted by the MC12. This is where 7 Designs stepped in and patched things up

The kit – known as Aria and limited to just 25 units – comes to work on the MC20’s fluid lines and turn them into something a little meaner. As a result, the package looks like a track-only version of the MC20 and that’s a good thing. You’ve got your new front splitter, two side canards, carbon fiber mirror housings, and reworked side skirts. It basically looks like an out-and-out race car from every angle.

7 Designs Can Make Your Maserati MC20 Look Faster Than It Is Exterior
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The rear end is even more aggressive thanks to a fixed carbon wing, a cheeky diffuser, aero fins, and a new bumper. To complete the treatment, the tune threw in a set of aftermarket wheels. We don’t know whether these additional bits and bobs attachable to the MC20’s body work towards improving its aerodynamic ability, but that could very well be the case.

We also don’t know how much 7 Designs is asking for their trouble of souping-up the MC20, nor whether they plan to offer any sort of performance upgrades to the MC20’s 3.0-liter, 621-horsepower, twin-turbo V-6. With so many tuners out there, it’s likely that if 7 Designs doesn’t make a move on the powertrain, others will surely jump to the opportunity.

2021 Maserati MC20 specifications
Layout V6 90° MTC twin turbo
Displacement (cc) 3000 cc
Bore x stroke (mm) 88 x 82 mm
Compression ratio 11:1
Max. power output 630 HP @ 7500 rpm
Peak torque (Nm @ rpm) 538 LB-FT @ 3000 - 5500 rpm
Ignition system MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) Twin Spark with passive prechamber
Fuel system PD( Direct injection 350bar + Port injection 6bar)
Induction Twin Side Turbo with electronic actuated waste gate
Lubrication Fully variable Oil pump on Dry Sump System with scavenge Pumps & external oil tank
Timing system Double over head camshaft with variable valve timing
0-100 Km/h (s) <2,9''
0-200 Km/h (s) <8,8''
Top speed (km/h) >325km/h
Braking distance from 100 to 0 km/h (m) <33mt

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