For those loving exclusive luxury, Studio M will present the next days in Rome at the "Scrigno - Tesori d’Italia" exposition a 24K Golden Fiat 500 that is priced at 70.000 euro!

What make the little Italian model so special is its exterior paint that includes a 24K gold powder. But not only the exterior is exclusive. The interior also: it features Loro Piana Kashmir carpets and Swarovski crystals encrusted in the emergency brake, pedals and the gearshift.

The cockpit is covered with Australian leather and all the interior is covered in alcantra.

If this is not what you desire, you also have a choice of 48 stones and different types of leather: ostrich, crocodile or snake.

The golden 500 will be called "Pepita" and its name will be engraved on the cockpit with the final three letters made of precious stones: "I" will be made of emerald, "T" diamond and "A" rubies.

So, what are you waiting for? O, yes! A reason to pay 70.000 euro for a Fiat 500!


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