According to Evo Magazine, the track-only Zonda R will go into production. It will be limited to only 10 units and will be priced at 1.2 million euro. The Zonda R has a maximum power of 750 hp and will be a big competitor for the Ferrari FXX.

Also Pagani has announced that the C9, the replacement for Zonda, will be delayed with another year, so it will see production sometime in 2009. The C9 will be homologated for sale in all key markets, including, for the first time, the USA and Japan, and 50 per cent of the additional output is expected to go to these new territories.

The Zonda R is a car designed from scratch, with only 10% of the Zonda F components to be carried over. The suspension forged in Avional, a new Pagani six speed transversal sequential gearbox, carbon fibre monocoque, aeronautical four pump fuel tank are only part of the equation.

The engine is built by the racing specialists at Mercedes AMG, where the championship winning DTM cars are born, as well as the CLK GTR, probably the most devastating and effective weapon ever to compete in the GT series. From it’s engine the Zonda R borrows the basic architecture including an ingenious dry sump allowing a low centre of gravity. This self-supporting engine with 750 hp at 8000 rpm and 710 Nm of torque carries a lightweight carbon fibre highperformance intake system, a racing multiple disc sintered clutch and Formula 1 style exhaust system, hydroformed in Inconel 625 and ceramic coated for optimal heat dissipation. The power unit combined with a 6 speed transversal manual sequential synchronised gearbox is designed to satisfy the most ambitious drivers.

Source: Evo Magazine

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