Everyone loves Porsche’s backwards engineered sports cars for their amazing handling abilities as well as their excellent overall performance. So the only thing that we like more than a good Porsche is a new Porsche. That is exactly what you are looking at here. The Porsche Cayman seen in the spy photo is a bit wider than what we are used to seeing and features even more bulging arches, but it is the clearly bolted on fender flares and haphazardly fitting tailpipe that hints to this car’s true identity as a test mule. Despite the exterior that looks just like the current Cayman, we are speculating that the big differences consist of things that you cannot see.

We expect the next generation Cayman to carry a PDK unit similar to Porsche’s current double clutch setup. However there is no word as to what will power the future entry level Porsche. Will the company stick with their traditional horizontally opposed six cylinder engine, or will they take advantage of the new VW/Porsche union and go for a version of the TFSI turbo four? Either way, the next Porsche Cayman is guaranteed to be an excellent compact sports car.

Check out the link below to see the rest of the spy photos.


Source: WCF

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