After speculating about what a tuned Porsche Panamera might look like, the aftermarket specialists from Gemballa released a few renderings of their Mistrale. Not being ones to sit back and let others have all the fun, the high performance Porsche specialists from 9ff have released a few of their own design ideas for the new four door sports car.

9ff tuned Porsche Panamera
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The 9ff kit consists of a redesigned front bumper with larger air intakes, a vented hood and a set of their signature 22 inch three piece rims. If anything about their high speed history can give us a clue as to their plans for the Panamera’s power plant; a PT-55 package should up the power to anywhere from 500 to 550 HP thanks to an ECU upgrade and some high flowing air filters, while the PT-60 performance package should produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 HP with the addition of a new exhaust and some sport catalytic converters. The big boy of the range will be the PT-65 that gets a pair of upgraded turbochargers that work with all the aforementioned parts to produce around 650 HP.

Either way, the Panamera is a new breed of sports cars that will combine the practicality of a four door four passenger layout with the utmost in performance and luxury. We can’t wait to see what these cars will look like when they are all done.


Source: 9ff

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MadTourist  (48) posted on 08.27.2009

...I would...9ff makes some great tuners, sure this one will be no different.

MadTourist  (421) posted on 08.24.2009

If tuning means 9ff then this Panamera is getting a good boost with this upgrades and performance kit expected to outbeat others. With that parctical four door features who would not wish to see this fast car cruisin straigh on the race track

BMWM6  (488) posted on 08.24.2009

i believe its 4 passenger

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