Probably the only thing worse than a 423 hp Hummer H3 is a 725 hp Porsche Cayenne. Tuner 9ff is making its reputation for getting some of the highest horsepower out of Porsche products, but that has usually been car based on the 911. Now its turned its attention more to the soccer mom crowd with the 9ff Vantage GTR.

Aside from the upgrade to 725 hp in a 5000 lbs car, the rest of the package is pretty attractive. The kit includes a revised front-end with headlights borrowed from the 911 series, a new hood and a new front bumper. Also a new fenders, side sills, roof spoiler and rear bumper are included in the package.

So if you know a soccer mom who is injecting her kid with steroids, then this car may appeal to her. For the rest of us, we’ll stick to the 911.


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