Surprisingly, this is not some fancy one-off and not even a race-ready Civic

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Would you pay $140,000 for an old Honda Civic? Not really, right? So, let us ask the question differently. Would you tweak and tune your Civic to such extremes that all the mods cost $140,000? This guy did just that.

A $140K Honda Civic? Yeah - It Does Exist
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This is a Honda Civic Si EM1 like no other. Do not let the looks fool you, because what hides under the hood alone cost $100,000. That is the equivalent of an S-Class W222 sedan. Then again, tuned Honda Civics are not a novelty. It’s just the insane level of mods (and investment) that went into this one that’s mind-boggling.

I mean, just consider this: the audio system alone was $24,000 dollars. On that bombshell, know that extensive tweaks have been brought to the front and rear suspension, as well under the hood.

A $140K Honda Civic? Yeah - It Does Exist
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By tweaks under the hood we mean an engine swap that saw the stock unit getting replaced by a JDM-spec 1.8-liter B18C mill taken from the Integra Type R. The engine now revs to 9,000 rpm and sounds like a dream.

As for how it feels on the road and what other tricks it learned in the process, you’ll have to watch savagegeese’s video below.

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