That Arabians are full of money, that’s no secret! But to cover a SL600 in diamonds, and increase the value of you car to $4,8 million, that’s just crazy!

A $4,8 million SL600!
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This car belongs to prince Al Waleed from Saudi Arabia and he decided to mix two things he likes: Mercedes cars and diamonds. If you want to touch this lovely car you will have to pay $1,000!

I wonder that’s the next thing money can do?


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AK47  (1024) posted on 07.18.2008

It a sure way to die, but think of the chicks you’ll be picking up in this car before you end up in the grave. And you can frisk the chicks to see if they don’t have some diamonds on them.

AK47  (33) posted on 07.17.2008

Some people are just beggin’ to go to hell, aren’t they?

AK47  (19) posted on 07.17.2008

Actually, those are Swarovski crystals on a regular used SL500...might be worth $150,000. I’ve sen it in person, sat in it, taken pictures in it...they haul it all over the US for car shows. Pretty tacky actually.

AK47  (520) posted on 07.17.2008

O MY GOD!!! now i seen it all. i bet that car is moved around in an armour car!

pdaix  (431) posted on 07.17.2008

I hope he got 10 guard to watch his car when it’s parked ! I presume when you make $100 million a month, it is just a drop in the ocean for him... The poor guy must be bored after that...

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