Rumor had the newest A Class Mercedes coming to America,

But the newest rumor says it dies – everywhere.

According to the German business periodical WirtschaftsWoche, the A Class is a goner, effective 2011. That is when the model had been scheduled for its next make-over.
Daimler-Benz has refused comment on the report.
But there are underlying reasons to believe that the report that the A class is being abandoned are true:
M-B doesn’t need the A Class to meet the 2020 fuel standards, since it already has Roger Penske bringing the Smart over. As Daimler makes the Smart, they get to count it on CAFÉ standards. And a Smart is far more fuel efficient than either an A Class or a 1 Series.
Further, Daimler is evidently way ahead of BMW on fuel efficient vehicles. BMW just kissed up to Daimler on joint fuel cell research. Daimler said “no way.” That wasn’t just a rivalry: BMW was trying to coerce the German government into making Daimler share its technology.
Indeed, that last reason may have been the one that put the stake through the A Class’s heart. If Mercedes-Benz anticipates being able to wring A Class fuel economy out of the C Class models, then the rationale for the A Class – which is anything but cheap – disappears.

Source: Reuters

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