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If you aren’t privy to the British insanity that is TVR, I’ll be happy to inform you. Founded in 1946 in Blackpool, TVR is an independent boutique sports car manufacturer known for creating aggressive, driver-centric RWD sports machines with a penchant for ass-out antics. TVR’s are simple, brutal machines, devoid of any assists or driver aids whatsoever, maximizing driver engagement at all costs. ABS? Learn to threshold brake. Traction control? It’s called your right foot. Air bags? Well, just don’t crash. These things are utterly mad, but unfortunately, we here in the U.S. never got a crack at ‘em. Until now.

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A Company Known as Grex Is Now Selling the TVR Sagaris As a Kit Car
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For those stateside enthusiasts who always wanted a TVR, good news - you can now build one yourself as a full-fledged kit car from Grex Automotive. Based out of the Canary Islands, an archipelago off the coast of North West Africa and part of Spain, Grex Automotive will ship the TVR kit anywhere in the world. So grab your wrenches.

As for the model on offer, Grex put together a kit for the Sagaris, which first debuted in 2003 and got a full production release in 2005.

Named after a legendary battle axe used by the Scythians, the Sagaris kit looks every inch a TVR, with a super-aggressive stance that’s both wide and very low, cab-back proportions, short overhangs, and a plethora of vent-tastic body panels.

To help buyers complete the build at their own pace, Grex is offering the TVR kit in 14 individual stages, although the first four must be bought at once. The kit includes everything but the engine and transmission, while the stages are broken up into various broad sections, such as the suspension and chassis, the body, the steering system, the brakes, the cooling system, the lighting, the electrical, and the interior.

Helping it stay shiny side up is an independent suspension setup front and back, while large ventilated brake discs (12.7 inches in front, 11.7 inches in the rear) throw the anchor. The rollers measure in at 18-inches and are made from aluminum alloy. The whole thing is also quite lightweight, tipping the scales at just 2,371 pounds.

A Company Known as Grex Is Now Selling the TVR Sagaris As a Kit Car
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The car’s exterior dimensions are also spot on, with overall length at 159.7 inches, overall width at 69.7 inches, and the overall height at 46.3 inches.

As for the powerplant, the kit was designed to incorporate GM’s famous line of LS V-8s.

However, Grex also offers adapter kits for other engines if you’re willing to spring for a little extra outlay.

Acceleration performance is obviously dependent on the engine stuffed up front, but if you go with the suggested LS, Grex quotes a 185-mph top speed and a 0-to-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds. Meanwhile, the 60-to-0 mph braking time is set at 2.9 seconds.

Grex is offering just 10 kits for 2019, so if you want yours, better grab it quick. Buy the whole thing at once, and expect to drop a little under $60,000. Both right-hand- and left-hand-drive configurations are offered.

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Source: Grex Automotive

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