The GM fans who love whatever is branded with the Cadillac or Corvette name, are hot to trot for the new Cadillac CTS. They brook no dissent. It’s on the front of all the car magazines. It’s the renaissance of Cadillac. It’s the new generation of GM cars. It’s the GM car of the future, the one that will win in Europe and conquer the United States.
Well, this is why we get into the question of who pays the freight at the car magazines.
Many of the prime car magazines, including Automoible, were recently sold by Primedia. Primedia had taken Automobile over from Ruppert Murdock’s News, Inc. which had founded it by hiring David Davis, the retired editor of Car and Driver, but which sold out – in more than one sense of the words – to Primedia. In turn, Primedia, which also owned Motor Trend, sold out to Interlink. The auto group wasn’t making enough money.
Car and Driver, in contrast, sold out years ago.
Originated by Ziff-Davis Publishing, Car and Driver sold out early (leading to Davis’s defection and the creation of Automobile) and most recently was bought by a foreign conglomerate, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S.
So, what’s this got to do with the Cadillac CTS?
Just this.
The ad bureau at GM has the new CTS on the cover of every enthusiast magazine on the newsstands. That’s what they’re paid for, and it’s what they did the last time Cadillac introduced a CTS. As they did with the SRX and the XLR. 
But the credibility of what these magazines write about this car ought to be taken with a block – not a grain – of salt.
Cadillac sold 60,000 CTSs last year and touts that as a triumph.
It’s twice the volume of Corvettes sold in the year and one half the volume of BMWs sold worldwide in JULY of this year.
But these car magazines are rewriting what the wrote when the first CTS was introduced.
The people who believe GM can do no wrong – and, God bless ‘em, GM needs ‘em – are buying GM’s line that the CTS is the new coming.
But there are dissenting opinions
And one of the best is at a website with which this particular author does not always agree.
But, he does this time:
The Truth About Cars:
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