Was looking at this images and was wondering who can do something like this to a car? In my opinion this is an offense to both Ferrari and Corvette. But, anyway a guy from India thought will be funny and interesting...

A Ferrari F430 - Corvette is not something you want to see every day, well actully will never want to see again, so take a look at the images...

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  (2) posted on 12.14.2006

ferrari should be ferrari and corvette should be corvette

  (6023) posted on 12.4.2006

A "Corrari" if done properly would be the ultimate in style and GTS dominating horsepower. Ofcourse you would have to implement every extremity from a F-430 to the vette. Except for the mid- engine (maybe). The example above is a poor one. If I had the money I would personally select cues from many of todays supercars to develop the true ultimate supercar mix. My ultimate combination would incorporate a 1000 hp Lingenfelter LS-7 twin turbo in a mid-engine configuration with a C5 corvette front bumper. Ferrari F-430 doors that open suicide butterfly like the Audi RSQ in I-Robot. F-430 Air intake slots on top of the rear fenders. Jaguar XJ-220 projector head lights. Chrysler ME four twelve tail lights. GTS style wide body kit with 20 inch rear/18 inch front 07 Z-06 magnesium rims. Bugatti Veyron interior. Lamborghini murcielago brake vent slots incorporated into the wide body kit. Extra air intake in rear hatch from the Lotus Exige. Porsche Carrera style autoraise wing. McLaren F1 hood. Borla C-6 exhaust. Targa top. Hows that for worlds most expensive mutt?

  (6023) posted on 10.16.2006

You are both right, i totaly agree, the kid who did that has no ideea what a car is, and he thought he will impress his girl if doing something like that. You should think twice before doing a stupidity like this one.

  (6023) posted on 10.15.2006

Agh, I think that is just plai out stupid. A Corvette can never be a Ferrari, and a Ferrari will never be a Corvette.

  (6023) posted on 10.15.2006

You’re so right, but it’s a much greater offense to Corvette and Corvette owners. It’s pure flattery to Ferrari. I myself am an absolute Italian vehicle junkie, and will be the first to proclaim that most Corvettes since the Stingray are total junk. But, the fact is that the newest ’Vettes are stylish, compelling and simply awesome performers! They are worthy of their iconic status and no owner should ever be embarrased it’s not a Ferrari, or any other car for that matter. It’s an awesome car, and this kind of stuff is just silly. The one that should be most embarrased and most insulted is the owner himself! Why didn’t he just pick up a low-mi Ferrari 355, if he wants one so bad?! Well, at least it’s not a Fiero-based kit car!

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