A first look at a lap around the US Grand Prix track in Austin

The 2012 US Grand Prix that’s going to be held in Austin, Texas may be a long ways away for us fans of Formula One, but for the race track developers, the timeline to build the track and get it ready in time for the 2012 season is about as truncated as it can get.

There’s very little margin for error here and with recent complications on the schedule of the start of construction, the whole process in developing, building, and testing the track may come down to the proverbial checkered flag. We’re still hoping that the timeline gets ironed out soon enough and that the building of the Hermann Tilke-designed track in Austin, Texas begins as soon as possible.

Of course, the entire thing is out of our control. So we’re going to settle for showing you the first rendering of a sample lap around the racetrack. Sure, it’s all the work of a computer – not to mention the clear bias towards Ferrari – but it does give us the first look at how a Formula One racecar can navigate around the 3.4-mile circuit with the 20 corners and all the elevation changes.

From what we’ve seen, the track looks very promising and the number of overtaking opportunities it presents in a single lap is encouraging. We’re just hoping that everybody involved in this gargantuan project can work together fast and efficient enough to get the track ready for its world debut in 2012.


Source: You Tube

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