A first look at the Austin USGP Formula One race track

A first look at the Austin USGP Formula One race track
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The 2012 US Grand Prix is drawing closer and closer, and with a little less than two years before it actually kicks off, the organizers have finally revealed the first look at the 3.4-mile track that will be located just southeast of Austin, Texas.

The track will come with 20 turns, 133 feet of elevation change, a three-fourths of a mile long straight, and a width that will vary anywhere between 39 and 52 feet.

Race promoter and head of Full Throttle Productions, Tavo Hellmund, commented on the layout for the new track, saying that “drivers and fans should really like it”.

The $200-million dollar track is set to be built on an empty vast of land and is expected to be completed in time for the race two years from now. It’s going to draw inspiration from a number of world-class F1 tracks in the world, including those found in Silverstone, Hockenheim, andIstanbul. In addition to that, the track is also expected to come with a number of passing areas that should make the race more interesting.

Judging by what we’re looking at, the track looks like it’s going to feature some pretty-action packed racing in the future. Let’s just hope that the organizers find a way to finish it on time, which, in the world of Formula One, is a tall order in itself.


Source: Statesman

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  (462) posted on 09.1.2010

That’s one hell of a track, road getting thick and thin at any moment.

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