• A Flea Market in Estonia Is The Last Place You’d Find a DMC DeLorean

And yet, there it is, ready to be driven by home

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Cars aren’t typically sold in flea markets, especially one that’s as unique as a DeLorean DMC. And yet, a flea market in Estonia — yes, Estonia — has one. More importantly, it’s for sale, and you can take it home with you. It’s not exactly the kind of transaction you’d normally see from this flea market, but I think we already established that this isn’t your typical Estonian tag market, either.

A Flea Market in Estonia Is The Last Place You'd Find a DMC DeLorean
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Flea markets are fun places to go if you’re looking for bargain finds. Whether its clothes, food, or just about any small item under the sun, flea markets typically have them. Cars, however, aren’t usually found in flea markets. You can find them in dealerships, used-car lots, and even the Internet. But a flea market, and an indoor one at that? You’d have more luck finding a brand-new Louis Vuitton knock-off.

This brings us to Insect, a thrift store/flea market that’s located in Kuressaare, Saaremaa, the biggest island in Estonia.

Notwithstanding the weirdness of its name, the Insect thrift store is selling, among other things, what looks to be a working condone DeLorean.
A Flea Market in Estonia Is The Last Place You'd Find a DMC DeLorean
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It’s located at the back end of the store just near the counter, cordoned off by a Manila jute rope like a museum piece of some sort. European publication Geenius made the discovery and, apparently, the Insect flea market is selling the DMC DeLorean for a tidy sum of €55,000. That converts to around $65,000 based on current exchange rates. The condition of this particular DeLorean isn’t clear, but if a flea market in a country located in the Baltics is asking €55,000 for it, there’s a good chance that you can find other units of the famed Back to the Future ride for cheaper prices elsewhere. Still, even if the store’s DeLorean doesn’t sell, it still made news, which, I suppose, is worth more than the amount the store is asking for the ride.

How hard is it to find a DeLorean in the wild?

A Flea Market in Estonia Is The Last Place You'd Find a DMC DeLorean
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As famous as the DeLorean is, finding one isn’t as difficult as you might think. Hop on to any used car dealership site and you’re going to see plenty of units up for sale.

Depending on the mileage and overall condition of the car, you can buy a used DeLorean for as little as $20,000.

Most DeLoreans, though, are priced in the vicinity of $40,000 to $50,000, which is still cheaper than the asking price of the Insect thrift store in Estonia. Even if you decide to buy that DeLorean, your costs should go up because of all the taxes, duties, and shipping costs that you’ll have to pay to bring the car to you.

A Flea Market in Estonia Is The Last Place You'd Find a DMC DeLorean
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So as quirky as it is to see a DeLorean in a thrift store in Estonia, I’m not sure buying it is the best route to take, especially if there are so many other options available to you. Heck, DMC, in its current incarnation, sells refurbished units of the DeLorean. One unit that’s located in Florida — VIN 05950 — even has its own peculiar history, having been purchased new in Daytona by the daily that designed and developed the Coca Cola bottle. It changed ownership hands in 1990 after the initial owners of the car decided to sell it to the founders of Chick-Fil-A. DMC didn’t say how much this DeLorean costs, but you can be sure that given its low mileage and celebrated provenance, it’s going to fetch a premium price compared to the DeLorean that’s sitting in the back of a thrift store on the biggest island in Estonia.

DeLorean DMC specifications
Drivetrain Layout Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine Type Naturally aspirated 2.85-liter V-6
Bore 91 mm (3.58 inch)
Stroke 73 mm (2.87 mm)
Construction Aluminum
Valvetrain SOHC, two valves per cylinder
Horsepower 130 hp @ 5,500 rpm
Torque 153 lb-ft @ 2,750 rpm
Transmission Five-speed manual, three-speed automatic
0 to 60 mph 9.5 seconds, 10.5 seconds
Top Speed 110 mph
Curb Weight 2,712 pounds

Source: Geenius

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