The SL73 name might be coming back after all, but with one little change

The Mercedes SL-Class as you know it today entered the market back in 2013, and it’s about time we see a next-gen model. It is, quite honestly, the oldest model in Merc’s lineup right now since the SLC has been discontinued. Way back in 2018, we learned (or heard rumors, rather) that the AMG SL73 could be making a comeback with the introduction of the seventh-gen model, and a new leak points to a handful of new AMG SL models, one of which is the SL73. Well, kind of.

What Does AMG Have Planned for the 2021 Mercedes SL-Class?

A Leaked Naming List Tells Us What to Expect from AMG and the Next-Gen Mercedes SL-Class High Resolution Exterior
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We learned quite a while back that the next-gen SL-Class could very well be an AMG-only affair as it will be developed and built alongside the AMG GT. It will supposedly ride on the same Modular Sports Architecture (MSA) as well. Since then, precious little about the SL-Class has come to light, so there’s a whole lot that we don’t know about it.

A new leak from that has a 50-percent chance or so of being legitimate lists a total of six different AMG versions of the next-gen SL ranging from the entry-level AMG SL43 up to the range-topping SL73 e 4MATIC+.

The full list:

Next-Gen Mercedes-AMG SL Name List
Internal Designation Trim
232.450 SL 43
232.451 SL 53 4MATIC+
232.452 SL 53 e 4MATIC
232.480 SL 55 S 4MATIC+
232.481 SL 63 4MATIC+
232.482 SL 73 e 4MATIC+
A Leaked Naming List Tells Us What to Expect from AMG and the Next-Gen Mercedes SL-Class High Resolution Exterior
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If this list is, in fact, legitimate, then you can see that AMG has a lot planned for the next-gen SL. There’s no word about whether or not the seventh-gen SL will even be offered below AMG trim, but it seems unlikely if it’s going to be built alongside the next-gen AMG GT. That said, there is a lot of importance expressed on not just the hybrid SL53 e, but the SL73 name that’s making a comeback after 20 years (the SL 73 was last produced in 2001.)

However, as you can see by the “e” designation, it’s likely to be a hybrid, and that’s an even bigger deal.
A Leaked Naming List Tells Us What to Expect from AMG and the Next-Gen Mercedes SL-Class High Resolution Exterior
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According to the latest reports, that SL 73 e will be powered by a 4.0-liter Hybrid V-8 that will be good for some 800 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque – the same offering that should be offered in the next-gen AMG GT as well. If you’re wondering about how legitimate this all is, Daimler has trademarked some 73 models names, so there is a little bit of Juice behind this list. The chances are that the other ultra-rare SL60 and SL70 names are going to remain in the past, but right now, we’re looking forward to what a hybrid AMG SL73 e might bring to the table.


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