Road rage violence at its pitiful worst

Road rage confrontations are nothing new in this day and age. All it takes are two ill-tempered fellows and the combustibility immediately goes through the roof. Sometimes, cooler heads prevail and we leave it at that. But other times, things go south when one suddenly decides to sucker punch the other. The latter scenario played out in Adelaide, Australia recently as a dashcam recording managed to capture the scene for our collective viewing pleasure.

I don’t suppose these not-so-gentle men thought that a dashcam was in the vicinity when they decided to start doing their best WWE impersonation. To be fair, one of them seemed to have his wits about him, until the other guy decided to uncork a flailing haymaker on his noggin.

The scene takes a turn for the worst when the two start throwing some wild swings on each other. A couple of other people came in to try to break the sorry excuse of a fist fight, but not before both combatants managed to land a couple of misplaced swings on each other. It’s not the cleanest of road rage fights that we’ve seen, but it does have good entertainment value to it.

The only downside is we don’t get to see how it ended as the car with the dashcam drives off before we had a chance to judge the ill-conceived bout. I just hope, for the sake of everyone involved, that the fight finished quickly because it really wasn’t a fight, to begin with. It was one guy sucker-punching the other, and the two engaging in an arm-flailing competition for about 30 seconds.

On a more serious note, I do wish that nobody got hurt from this episode. Things like this tend to happen more often than we realize, and in some cases, the results are far worse than what we just watched.

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