A look back at Top Gear’s segment on 60 Minutes

If you consider yourself one of the 350 million fans ofTop Gear, then the segment on 60 Minutes featuring the show was tantamount to cant-miss television.

And sure enough, it was probably the most entertaining 15 minutes of airtime we’ve seen in quite a while. Steve Kroft took the time to sit down with the three middle-aged blokes with crooked teeth and awful hair for a look behind the unrivaled success of the show, the hilarious chemistry among Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, the controversies the show seem to face after every episode, and back stories on some of the craziest stunts they did on the show, including the segment that sent Hammond into a coma, the time they almost died in Alabama, and the grand-daddy of all adventures – according to Clarkson - the North Pole expedition.

If you didn’t get to watch the show in full detail because of whatever other show you were watching – Sunday Night Football being one of them – CBS was nice enough to post the entire segment for your viewing pleasure. There’s even a four-minute outtake video of what you didn’t see during the segment.

That’s definitely worth checking out, too.

More videos after the jump.

Source: CBS

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