Meet the Biante, Mazda’s new minivan build only for Japan. Not only can it seat one more than a Dodge Caravan, but it looks a hell of a lot cooler too. Not to say that anyone looks cool in a minivan, but if Mazda ever decided to export it, soccer dads everywhere may finally quit trying to hide behind the steering wheel.

The eight-seater, high-roof car is now on sale starting at 2,199,000 yen (about $20,500). The Biante’s is available with a 2.0 or 2.3 liter four cylinder engine, and Mazda promises performance handling characteristics.

Why this car is for the Japanese market only may be best described in the proverb-like concept that inspired the Biante: “Look, then experience the Zoom-Zoom Tall minivan as it expands your dreams.” This is reflected in a contest Mazda is conducting for Japanese baseball all-star games. A new Biante will go to, “the player who leaves the greatest impression that embodies the dreams of fans.” Very Japanese indeed.


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